November 11, 2009

A Peek into my Bathroom Cabinet

This cabinet has been houseing all of my toiletries and cosmetics (Canberra is really dry so I don't have to worry about humidity)for the past two years. I am actually going to miss it once I graduate next month.

I was planning to tidy everything up before taking pictures but I was in a hurry (am going travelling this week) and decided to show the insides of my cabinet in all its full cluttered glory. After all, part of bathroom voyeurism is seeing how dis/organised the other person is, isn't it? *winks*

You can see my body moisturiser, antiperspirant and hair stuff sitting right at the top of my cabinet. They are the first things I reach for after a shower is it only makes sense for me to have them within easy reach. (Plus, the bottle of moisturiser is too darn big to fit into my cabinet anyway).

Yup, that's two shelves worth of nonsense in there. The bottom shelf holds my makeup brushes and mineral makeup samples on the left. My swirly bowl sits right in the middle, complacent thing! The blue tray on the right holds all my skincare, higgly-piggly. The reason why I got a tray was because my tubes and bottles kept falling over each other and I could not be bothered to take the time to stand everything up.

Top shelf! Hmm, on the far right, those two black things hold my pressed eyeshadows (such space savers!). My makeup is sitting behind those two bottles of sunscreen on the right. Lippies and perfume are in the middle and stuff like pressed powders and extra contact lenses are stacked on the far left.

Oh, and 3 things I can't live without:

1. Facial cleanser (not pictured. It's in my shower stall)
2. Toothpaste
3. Sunscreen


AskMeWhats said...

I don't put stuffs in my toilet, I have a basket thing, the only thing I leave in my bath area are shampoos, conditioners, hair treatment, body wash, toothpaste, the simple stuffs :)

Syen said...

Eli: Ooooh! Thanks for giving us a peek into your bathroom cabinet! =D

Naish! For my bathroom cabinet, I only put stuff that I use in the bathroom anyway, not makeup. Humidity is definitely an issue here. Thanks again! =)

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

yeah me too... i dont put my skincare & cosmetics in bathroom as it's too humid in my country... I have a vanity drawer one step beside bathroom... still within my reach anyway.. keke

Steph said...

OH my gosh!!! Your mirror is HUGE!!!! My toilet mirror is about the size of a saucer! I kid you not. The house didnt even come with a mirror so we bought one at the pound shop. LOL.

~Lisa said...

Weehee! I love being nosey! =D
My bathroom cabinet houses very little because I haven't settled into having my own bathroom yet! heehee. The essentials are face wash + scrub, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, body lotion. =] Oh right, toothbrush + paste and towel!

Eli said...

Humidity is a bitch, isn't it? I definitely have to come up with a new storage idea when I get back to Malaysia next year.

Steph: Can't you ask the landlord to provide you girls with a mirror?

Meldee said...

Tsk. Virgo. Even your mess is neat.