November 03, 2009

Pretty Polish: Two great shades by Stage

I've had Stage nailpolishes for sometime but never reviewed them simply because until now I didn't have shades I liked. The two on the right - Enchanting (brown) and Fascinating (plum) were given to me by Stage in goody bags but even though they are both lovely colours in their own right both look rather blah on me. They were too dark for my taste and didn't quite compliment my skintone. But I knew that quality wise they were good so during the last BOGOF offer, I seized the chance to pick up two colours I knew I'd love Pretty (Pink - go figure) and Gorgeous (red).

I truly adore this shade it's a lovely golden pink but with a cool metallic finish that gives it an edge. Rather Barbie Warrior Princess. =D

Is GORGEOUS there's no other word. I spend time happily cooing at my shimmery red toes. Not too dark, not too candy, not too scary, it's classy yet fun at the same time. I love this shade to death and have worn it for a month straight on my toes since I got it. Whee!

Neither of these shades are fast-drying, but they don't take crazy long either. Of course, a lot depends on your top coat as I discovered, but that's another review. Without a top coat, a single coat of Pretty on my nails lasted 3 days without a bad chip. Which believe me is impressive considering what I put my poor talons through. But both shades really come into their own with a good top coat so slap it on!

I love these shades so much I will definitely repurchase when they dry out (who ever heard of FINISHING a bottle of nail polish?). I may be tempted by one or two more shades but truth to tell, Stage isn't blessed with that many colours. Also at RM35 a bottle, the polishes are a bit beyond my budget so I'll be waiting for the next BOGOF offer to stock up. ^_^


Askmewhats said...

I want Gorgeous shade sooo pretty!

prettybeautiful said...

love the red! really gorgeeeeeous!

Paris B said...

Eeks! Gorgeous is so gorgeous! But then most red things are to me LOL...

Kahani said...

Most red things are pretty to me too, but this shade is PURRFECT. You know, it's shimmery but not too much, red but not alarming, and deep but not bloody. Oh I can't rave enough go see for yourself! =P

Shortcake said...

Love the Barbie Warrior Princess look! So glam yet so dainty! Nice one Kahani.

~Lisa said...

Pretty is so pretty! LOL
I want one and the packaging looks like Chanel polishes.
Such a shame that these aren't sold in Canada =[