November 13, 2009

Want a Carroty-clean Face?

A couple of months back, when bestie Mich was returning from the UK, she was kind enough to ask if I wanted anything from Boots. Note that she asked if I wanted anything, not whether I needed anything.

(C'mon, be honest. Who needs stuff from Boots? Okay, save maybe for John Frieda.)

Anyway, OF COURSE I wanted. And one new product I decided to have a go at was Yes To Carrots Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser. Blended with organic carrot juice, pumpkin, sweet potato, spring water and dead sea minerals, it sounds almost good enough to eat. Almost. Because I've got second thoughts about the dead sea minerals.

Frankly, I wouldn't really call it a cleanser. It's all scrub to me. The product itself feels like light cream, with very fine scrub beads. The beads, while finer than Neutrogena's Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, can still make me go "Uh-oh", should I scrub too hard and too long. A light hand works best here.

I usually use this after a cleanser, and my skin definitely feels squeakier compared with the Deep Clean scrub. But it doesn't cause any tightness or discomfort, so no biggie there.

Pricewise, it's not exactly cheap as I paid about £6.97 (~RM39) for it. I'm not aware if it's available here in Malaysia as this came all the way from ye olde England. So I'm afraid that unless you have a makeup mule... But then again, many brands are slowly becoming available to us here. So one can always hope. If you're desperate, I believe (where you can purchase online) is now also shipping internationally. Only problem is, Singapore is as near as it gets. Sigh.

Anything else I need to tell you? What's that? Whatsit smell like? You reeally wanna go there? Sorry ladies, blocked nose. Really. Hah! Not that it'd have made a difference anyway.

So verdict? I'd say it's a nice to have. While it's lovely to use and a great option when I'm in the mood to stray, I don't feel like I. must. have. it. Especially since it takes so much effort just to get hold of.

Have you tried it? You like?


Eli said...

Isn't Imedeen made out of dead sea minerals?

I think I have seen this floating around in my pharmacy somewhere but St Ives Apricot scrub works fine with me. Cheaper too.

jin said...

its minerals. inanimate objects. like salt. it was never even alive to begin with.

Syen said...

Eli: I honestly don't know about the Imedeen bit. Glad St Ives scrub works for you. For me, I felt it was too rough, didn't like it too much.

Jin: I know it's inanimate object. What I meant was that it doesn't sounds particularly mouth-watering. To me anyway.

~Lisa said...

Yes to Carrots is available in Canada too! But with limited varitey. =[