December 22, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is...

Me being me, I usually ask for something wildly practical or bookish for Christmas. My Christmas (or was it birthday?) wish list once included a good steam iron and "The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945" by Saul Friedlander.

Gee, and I wonder why no one took me seriously.

This year, I have decided to come up with a frivolous wish list for once. The items aren't unattainable but they are out of my budget for now and I really do need to stop accumulating stuff.

Want to know what is on on my list?

1. First on my list is the Clarisonic skin care system. I have heard so much about this and have been hankering after one for ages. It costs about the same as the Braun epilator I recently purchased (a great investment, btw) but I can't justify getting a Clarisonic when I already have two God-given hands to wash my face.

2. I have been eyeing this beauty ever since I spotted it in David Jones a few weeks ago. Shimmer bricks are a dime a dozen but not in this beautiful plum shade by Bobbi Brown. I have swatched this a gazillion times in Myers over the past week and I am in love.

What is preventing me from getting it? The mad AUD 130 price tag. Eeeeks. The mark up is over 100% compared to Malaysian prices and I simply do not have that kind of moolah. My conscience won't allow me to wheedle the boy into getting it for me either. If only they would make this a permanent shimmer brick like Nectar...

3. My best friend once said, "I like my perfume to smell 'woman', not 'girl'." I am not big on perfume (my staple is Kenzo's Flower) but I do like my perfume to smell like 'woman'. Estee Lauder's Pure White Linen falls into this category for me and after my first whiff of it a year ago, it has been on my mind ever since.

Oddly enough, I dislike the classic White Linen fragrance. Pure White Linen Pink Coral, on the other hand, didn't leave any impression on me.

4. Does it count when the item you are lusting after hasn't been released yet? If you don't recognise this blush, it is from Guerlain's Spring Collection for 2010 and will only be released in February next year. The theme of the collection are cherry blossoms.

After studying in Canberra, the sister city of Nara, for 4 years, my sentimental heart yearns after this blush. My university grounds are covered with flowering plum and cherry blossom trees in spring and the lovely pattern on the blush palette reminds me of the beautiful sight.

There should be a number 5 but I can't think of anything I am coveting badly for Christmas.

What is on your wish list?


Connie De Alwis said...

130 bucks?? That's daylight robbery! Insane.

Ooh, that Guerlain blush looks too gorgeous.

Nothing in particular on my list :-/

All Women Stalker said...

My wishlist this year has been pretty short but I asked the husband to get me Bobbi Brown's The Makeup Manual :)
- Kaith

Eli said...

Connie: Absolute madness, kan? Especially since it's supposed to be selling for RM 180 in Malaysia.

Kaith: Ooh, that is a nice present. I have flipped through the book before and it's a pretty nice "hold your hand, I'll guide you through" book on makeup application.

Meldee said...

Wow, I love the Guerlain blush too! I'd buy it just to look at it. Or maybe not. But argh, it's pweeeety!

Syen said...

Oooh.. naish. I don't have that much of a Christmas wish list. But I did get a lovely pressie from the hubs (will share with you all soon).

But come Jan. My my.. I have a looooong wish list. Starting with Dior's blush. =P

Steph said...

Lol! Can't believe you're quoting the "lui yan mei" thing here but it's true! =) I've been scouting out the best deal for Kenzo flower here, they put in samples in my Marie Claire & I'm addicted all over again. I sniff it like some druggie! Not very attractive. Gotta go catch a whiff of Pure White Linen!

Eli said...

Meldee: Pretty riiiiiight? I would frame it up for joy.

Syen: Oooh, pressie from hubs? I can't wait. The boy refused to indulge my makeup habit this year and got me a cute computer game instead. Lol.

Steph: Smelling like woman is not "lui yan mei"! Maybe I should have given you my Kenzo Flower sample. Next parcel? ;)

Steph said...

Lol! Then what is "lui yan mei"?! Don't spoil me! But thank you dear, I loved the last package. You gotta give me your list of UK products!