December 07, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

Spotted at Sasa: This set by theBalm with trial sizes of their more popular products including Hot Mama blush, Staniac and a lipgloss in a cute bag for RM88. It retails for RM20 in the US so the markup isn't too bad. I gotta admit I'm kinda tempted!

For full coverage and an airbrushed finish I've taken to buffing mineral foundation over my set liquid foundation. I set with powder first and then buff (otherwise it can look cakey) and I'm really taken with the results! Plus mineral foundation (that isn't too sparkly) doesn't white out in flash photgraphy.

Speaking of mineral foundation, I have a confession. I still can't find a sunscreen for my face that doesn't eventually break me out. It could take a week, it could take two but they all break me out eventually. Boo. So I use mineral foundation as an extra sun-protection step. And my foundation has SPF and my ZA 2Way that I touch up with throughout the day has SPF.... enough? What do you think?

Did you know you can technically use your non-professional strength face masks daily? Obviously if once a week makes you red and tingly then that's not a good idea. But if you have a basic clay mask or if your skin is dry and you have a hydrating mask you love, there's no reason not to give your skin a daily 15 mins of TLC.


Petra said...

Hey Emily, I was reading over the weekend that SPF laden foundations are not to be relied on. The amount of protection assumes that you'll slather it on pretty thickly and that may not be how most women apply - we may apply sparingly over certain spots.

Eucerin and Clarins have decent sunscreens (Eucerin has new stuff at Caring) and some BodyShop moisturisers have inbuilt SPF. Might these be of use?

Kahani said...

Hey pet, hehehe I do slather it on thickly. =P Also with layer upon layer of SPF products I think maybe I'm covered although I wouldn't run out and spend hours in the sun.

The latest thing to break me out is a Eucerin SPF30 whitening moisturiser. I've just bought a bottle of their mattifying Sun Flui "tested on acne prone skin" and will give it a test once my skin calms down. ARGH!

TBS Seaweed moisturiser with SPF15 was great in the UK, broke me out here...