December 04, 2009

What's Your Pick: Shaping Those Brows

Hello ladies.

Aren't you glad it's finally Friday? I know I am. Been slightly unwell, what with the flu bug going around now.

Anyhoo. Of late I've been noticing eyebrows, possibly because mine could jolly well use some cleaning up, and everybody knows what well-groomed eyebrows can do for a face. Eyebrows frame your eyes, and can certainly do wonders to your overall look.

Which has led me to wondering: What method do you girls use to clean up your eyebrows?

Over the last couple of years, I've plucked, threaded, and shaved my eyebrows (not all at once of course), but I still haven't picked a method which I prefer above the rest. Very often, I just go for what's most convenient, or what I feel like doing. Unlike some of my friends, who swear by threading, for example.

For the uninitiated, I've summarised the various techniques of cleaning them brows that I've tried before. Read on!


Uhh.. use tweezer and pluck away! Well, actually, don't pluck away. I actually like this method as it allows me to pluck at my own time and I get to shape my brows exactly how I want them to be - very natural.

In fact, I cleaned up my own eyebrows for my wedding via plucking, and was very happy with the results. Granted, I am blessed with eyebrows which already have a distinct shape, so all I have to do it clean them up. If you're not sure as to how to shape your brows, you can always seek professional help first, then just use plucking to do cleaning up.

The most important advice when tweezing is not to overdo it! Step back every now and then to see the bigger picture. While almost everyone thinks Tweezerman when they think tweezers, my Manicare pair of tweezers has been serving me just fine.

Lifespan: About three weeks to a month before I need to get plucking again.


An ancient method of hair removal which originated in Persia and the Middle East. Using a cotton thread, it's twisted into a V-shape, and then rolled over untidy hairlines, moustaches, eyebrows etc., plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing where you only pull out a single hair at a time, threading can remove an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line.

It does hurt quite a bit, but not unbearably so. Threading the tache seems to hurt more than threading your eyebrows though. The area around my eyebrows and upper lip always end up being red and irritated for about an hour or so after a session. In KL, areas like Bangsar and Brickfields abound in outlets which provide threading services for a small fee (RM5~RM8).

Lifespan: Easily three weeks to a month.


A friend of mine once told me, "Shave your eyebrows, don't pluck! Or you'll get your eye area wrinkled up in no time." While I don't know how much of what she says to believe in, it does seem to make some sense. The eye area is very sensitive, and all the pulling and plucking must have some effect?

Anyhow, I've only gone for shaving once or twice - once done at the Shu Uemura counter and the other time after a facial at Clarins. Using a small shaver, my eyebrow is shaped, stray hairs shaved away, and the overgrown ones trimmed. It's the most painless, but you'll need to re-shape it a little more often. You can always check at the makeup counters if they offer this service. Charges range from RM15 and up, if I'm not mistaken.

Lifespan: Two to three weeks.

So how do you like to groom your brows?


prettybeautiful said...

i usually go for threading once in 2-3 weeks, hair regrowth is much slower than shaving or plucking for me. Plus the pain is only..instant.

kuri said...

I used to pluck, but at the moment I'm too lazy so I just shave about once a week.

Threading isn't common in Japan otherwise I'd try once in a while, but it hurt a lot the one time I went!

WanShin said...

Waxing! I find it neater :)

gingerbee said...

Plucking when I have the time, but it's shaving most of the time. :-) I've tried threading a few times and always end up teary-eyed. Heehee.

Connie De Alwis said...

I..... pluck. I've had them shaped several times before so I'm kinda familiar with the shape I'm supposed to achieve

Winterlady said...

i love this blogpost

LyNn said...

im a pluck-er too :P
haha i prefer removing these unwanted hair from the roots!

Askmewhats said...

I pluck and shave, depending on my mood :)

Emily said...

My eyebrows have a horrible shape! I need to go to a beautician to see what to do with them- but honestly because my eyebrow shape is soweird, I think I'll have to draw half them on every day and I can't be bothered if that's the case x)

I do wonder about that though- does tweezing or threading your eyebrow hair damage the skin? Like you said, it does make sense...

lavender said...

i prefer to pluck..more lasting

Tine said...

I have mine embroidered. Lasts a year. The rest of the time, I'd tweeze and shave. The embroidered area provides a great stencil :)

Syen said...

prettybeautiful: Threading does last longer, but you just have to find time to get to the saloon! LOL.

kuri: It IS painful, but you kinda get used to it after a while. And trust me, threading the tache hurts more! Ouch! (Oh, for vanity...tsk tsk =P )

Wan Shin: I've never tried waxing. Does it hurt a lot?

gingerbee: I get teary-eyed too, and I got told off by the lady when I told her to pause for a moment so I could wipe the tears. Sheesh.

Syen said...

Connie: Yups, me too! As they say, practice makes perfect! =)

Winterlady: Aww... thanks! =)

LyNn: *grin* at plucker.

Nikki: Heya babes! So you're a plucker and a shaver eh? =P

Emily: Oh dear. Maybe you could get a prof to have a look and see how you can rock those brows?

Lavender: Thanks for your comment! =)

Tine: Hello lady! I've never tried embroidery. Just wondering though, does it hurt? (Yes, I'ma chicken).