December 14, 2009

Monday's Beauty Confession

I've kinda run out of steam on Beauty Bits for today, so instead, I'm going to make a confession. Of the makeupholic kind. I'm really hoping Santa's being really busy wrapping pressies and the sorts, because (I think) I've not been terribly good. =P

It would seem that we're already right smack of the holiday seasons, what with so many sales and holiday collections out in full swing. While I've managed to dodge MAC and some of the big brands (ie. Estee, Dior etc) this time round (bought nothing from them from their hols collection), I wasn't so lucky with Neutrogena, The Body Shop and Bobbi Brown.

So read on to find out what I've hauled. Some are LE, and some aren't. They're generally just stuff I've gotten for meself to merry up my holiday season.

Bobbi Brown

1. Illuminating bronzer in Maui: It's suppose to be a bronzer, but to me it's one gorgeous huge pan of coral blush. Happiness. Not LE, but it's something I've been lemming since it came out, so I'm just glad to have got it.
2. Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter: Gorgeous colour and butter texture. Can we say uh-may-zing?

The Body Shop

1. Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Lotion: Vaniiiiillaaa...
2. Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Scrub: Vaniiiillaaa... (Enough said).
3. Peach Body Wash: Re-stocked for the hubby. And for me.
4. Large Pin Brush: Not photographed but also something I've been meaning to get for a while. Yay!


1. Healthy Skin Blends Sheer Highlighting Blush in Fresh and Healthy: I've been lemming after these for years, and I finally managed to get them through a friend who was returning from the US. In the end, he gave them to me as a gift. Thank youuu Marc-o!!! =D

I thought I had been awfully good this holiday season. Well, apparently not.

What have you hauled?


kuri said...

I don't think you've been that bad this season. You bought stuff that you've been lemming for a while; seems like they're all well-considered purses.

Me, I bought nail base coat, top coat, a lovely tomato-colored shimmer from Mavala - such a cute, summery color。 And, a skincare trial set from La Roche-Posay.

Paris B said...

I want to know about Maui! I've been looking at Bobbi's Coral blushes forever and never bought any. At that size, it would be better than buying the dinky little blushes no? ;)

Connie De Alwis said...

Vanilla freak!! I'd say your haul's still safe. I don't dare to think of mine.... :x Would love to know how those neutrogena blushers perform. I'm usually not big on mosaic blushers mostly because I haven't come across one that I really like

Jenn said...

Yeah i agree, your haul is considered safe!! Mine is horrible =X

prettybeautiful said...

i love TBS vanilla too!!! smells yummy <3

^5 for the shopping bug in us!

All Women Stalker said...

I've been pretty bad in the shopping department too although yes, I have avoided the big brands as well. LOL. I got a Nars and Revlon lipstick, plus Revlon's new concealer and highlighter duo. I am interested about the Neutrogena blush. Review when you're done please? :)
- Kaith

Adrianna said...

The first thing that caught my eye is Bobbi Brown Illuminating bronzer in Maui.Such a pretty colour!

Tine said...

SKII. Crazy gila expensive :P

Eli said...

*slips on halo and looks virtuous* I have been very very good these few months. But I have been lemming after the Bobbi Brown mini shimmer brick in plum...

Meldee said...

I haven't bought any makeup in ages, save to replenish my Nivea Star Fruits in Strawberry. I miss the makeup endorphin rush!

Syen said...

Sorry for the uber late reply girls. I've tried replying twice before, but it just wasn't saved. Weird.

Kuri: Hehe... thanks for sharing! =)

Paris: Ahaha.. so you, Blush Queen. Three words for you - Maui is awesome. Loving is so far. Will do a post on it after I get chummier with it. (Are you tempted NOW? *evil grin*)

Connie: That's me! Will also post on the Neutrogena blushers after I get chummier with them too. So. What DID you get? =P

Jenn: Thanks Jenn. But you really shouldn't encourage me. Really. LOL.

prettybeautiful: *high fives*!

Syen said...

All Women Stalker: Ooh, which NARS lipstick did you get? Yes ma'am. Will do the review in good time.

Adrianna: It is. So very pretty. =)

Tine: Wah. Tak pe lah. Aussie dollar what. =P

Eli: LOL at *halo and looks virtuous*. Well done you!

Meldee: Woman. You just ordered and received two NYX lipsticks from me like last month. And Barbie makeup from Shanghai. I really don't think you qualify for "haven't bought makeup in ages". ROTFL. *tee hee*