December 16, 2009

Sunscreen Series: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Face Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30+

This is a review of the Neturogena Ultra Sheer Hydrating sunscreen lotion, not the much hyped Dry Touch sunscreen lotion. I will probably get around to trying the latter after New Year so hang on for that!

Ladies, let me introduce you to my new HG day moisturiser. Neutrogena has always churned out pretty decent drugstore sunscreens but none of them really worked for me until this came along. Maybe its the helioplex or the overall formula which is doing the trick, but I am hoping that they release this in Malaysia very, very soon.

In case you are wondering, helioplex is the term used for this new UVA/UVB skin protection, err, thing (I can't think of another word). Oxybenzone is combined with avobenzone (both sunscreens) to provide broad spectrum protection as the combo helps to stabilise avobenzone in sunscreen products. Avobenzone provides great UVA protection but it degenerates quickly under sunlight. Talk about a Catch-22.

When I bought this lotion, it was with a high dose of scepticism as I wasn't entirely convinced by the efficiency helioplex claim. After holidaying at Central Coast a few weeks ago though, I am convinced that this stuff works and deserves the SPF 75 (or is it 100?) rating it is given in the US. I went bushwalking that holiday and was sweating so much, you could see white streaks of zinc oxide running down my legs. Despite judicious reapplications of sunscreen all over my body, I returned to the hotel with tanned skin and a freakishly pale face and neck.

Guess what I was using on my face? I didn't reapply sunscreen to my face at all that day, by the way. I had to use a less stronger sunscreen the following week to let my skintone even out all over.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this lotion is hydrating enough for my skin. I usually find that the higher the SPF rating, the less hydrating the product and I have to layer with another moisturiser afterwards.

No breakouts either, woo-hoo!

The active ingredients in this sunscreen lotion are:
1. Oxybenzone: Short wave UVA protection
2. Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane/ Avobenzone: Long Wave UVA protection
3. Homosalate: UVB protection
4. Octyl Salicylate: UVB protection
5. Octocrylene: UVB proctection

The only downside to this lovely gem is the inefficient packaging. The lotion is near impossible to squeeze out of the tube and when it seemed to have finished, i.e. I couldn't squeeze out another drop of lotion, I chopped it open to find a good third left in the bottle. Argh!

The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Sunscreen Lotion retails at AUD 13 (I think) for 30 ml. It may seem a little pricer compared to other drugstore sunscreens but I think it is worth the price for Australian summers. I will definitely be stocking up on this one come sales time.


Askmewhats said...

I do use Neutrogena at the moment for the body! I love how it doesn't dry up my skin and I can actually skip moisturizer!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I think Msia has this product... I'm using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlotion.. not very pleased with it as it gives me oily slick looking skin...

Blogger said...

I love neutrogena sunblocks, they are like the best drug store sunblock...


I'm using the ultra sheer as well, it will my HG sunblock...It does leave a oily finish, try puff some loose powder, i usually puff a layer of ZA's bloating powder/ or Silky girl's Loose powder --> PROBLEM SOLVED!!

All Women Stalker said...

I am currently using the ultra sheer lotion and I love how it doubles as a make up base. It doesn't make my skin oily which made me really happy. But I would like to try this as the "hydrating" part got me.
- Kaith

Meldee said...

I swear by this stuff, though I use the Dry-Touch one la. I'm definitely grabbing one of these when I head to Oz next! :D

And I'm sure Pet would be the right person to ask on this, but Neutrogena does animal testing....right? o_O Or not.

Eli said...

Nikki: I used to use Neutrogena for my body until I discovered Ozzie alternatives.

Syn@3sTh3sI@: Oh dear, I hate it whenever a product I love doesn't work for others. Maybe you should try the Dry touch version instead?

Blogger: High 5! I think Neutrogena gives the best sun protection for a drugstore product too. You are right, a bit of loose powder definitely keeps the oilies at bay.

Kaith: I can definitely vouch for the hydrating aspect of this though I don't think it makes for such a great makeup base as Dry touch.

Meldee: Your Ozzie shopping list is getting longer by the minute! =D I am hoping that this one will still work for me in humid M'sia.

Neutrogena does test on animals. *howls* I wouldn't have got this if it wasn't for a bout of absent mindness. Now that I like it, I am am facing an ethical dilemma.

Matilda Orchid: Thanks for your comment! Sunscreen is the most important thing in my cupboard, the rest can go hang.

Kahani said...

I deleted Matilda Orchid because the comment was actually an advertisement. Please don't do that people.

Eli said...

Thanks, K! I keep forgetting to check out the profiles of our commenters (izzat a word?). =P

Anonymous said...

I've seen one of these with SPF 85 which frankly seems like overkill to me... SPF 40 usually does the trick. That being said, it sounds really awesome, and I'm always on the lookout for a good sunscreen that doesn't feel heavy/greasy. And I guess I shouldn't be complaining about the high SPF - with skin like mine you need all the protection you can get! Damn pale sunburn-y skin >(