December 17, 2009

Revlon Nailpolish in Amber Ablaze

If you're wondering why I'm suddenly obsessed with Revlon's nailpolishes blame the BOGOF. Also I'm rushing the reviews out because I want you, dear reader, to be able to score the good shades during the promotion. See how nice I am? =P

Amber Ablaze is an older possibly discontinued shade manufactured early '08 so it may be sold out in the more popular retail outlets. As you can see, I picked this one up at Tesco's (the label is on because I learnt a valuable lesson. Don't pick off labels with freshly painted fingernails. Really. Don't.)

The picture absolutely does not do this shade justice! It is a warm dark red with swirls of gold shimmer in it. Shaking the bottle and watching the gold dust swirl around is almost as fun as a lava lamp! On my fingers it is slightly less fun, but still good!

Normally I don't wear reds on my fingers as I find the shade distracting to me, my colleagues and the people I interview. But somehow although this is a bold, festive colour, it is somehow muted and not in-your-face. Would love to pair this with a gold knit dress I bought in Europe - only in our weather I'd melt into an unpleasant greasy puddle on the ground.

This would also be a really great colour on toes. Not quite as happy happy as the brighter ones but cheery nonetheless. If you prefer deeper shades of red, but find that they can look somewhat gory, this colour's for you. It manages to NOT resemble blood at all. Yay Revlon!

A bottle retails at RM19 and Watsons is currently running a BOGOF offer on Revlon Nailpolishes till Jan 3.


kuri said...

I'm always looking for shimmery red nailpolishes! Thanks for posting. I really like Revlon polishes for my toenails because they're cheap and pigmented.

Askmewhats said...

I think I have a similar shade! thanks for the reminder