December 11, 2009

Unusual beauty: Sosuku foot pads

Looking at these pads for the ball of your foot, their virtue as a beauty product is not automatically apparent. Unless, like me, you adore high heels and have developed hardened callouses on the soles of your feet. Well with time these little cushions not only prevent the callouses from forming, they even give you back soft feet with prolonged use.

How they work
These simple foam pads have a soft felt-like cotton side which cushions your feet and a side with non-slip little flowers on the underside so your feet don't slip around in your shoes the way they do with stockings.

Unlike Scholl's party feet, these cushions are attached to your foot with invisible rubber bands (not tight) that slip over your biggest and littlest toes. These prevents friction between your foot and the padding. In fact the padding protects your foot from most of the friction.

As these are made of material and not silicone they are also cooler and more comfy throughout the day, absorbing sweat and preventing odour. You can also pop them into a little net laundry bag and toss when in the washing machine to clean.

I can't live without these things now. Guardian also sells their own version but I find the sosuku brand lasts longer, stays more cushiony and often even costs less. I bought these from Watsons (on offer?) For RM6.71 and Guardian sells theirs for over RM8!


Makeupmorsels said...

Thanks for this post! I really love wearing heels, but some of the prettiest ones HURT. I usually just try to buy Aerosoles heels when I can, since they're the most comfortable I've tried so far. I'll definitely pick some of these up when I'm in Asia this summer though!

Anonymous said...

have seen this around guardian but never got around to check them out. thanks for the info, bcos i'm seriously finding it difficult to wear my heels these days due to the callouses on my soles.
@Makeupmorsels - i love Aerosoles too!

Kahani said...

Oh man I wish we had Aerosoles here! Clarks has a range of "Air" shoes that have lovely amounts of padding btw.

Glad to have helped out ladies. These do let me run around in skyscraper heels. =P

Askmewhats said...

I love these stuffs! Do you know that I purchase somewhat like these but different brand when i went to HK, another one in Malaysia few years back? And also another set when I visited China? I guess I want the protection from different countries! LOL :) I want this now!

All Women Stalker said...

I loathe pretty shoes that hurt my poor feet! But then, sometimes fabulousness comes with a price. Are these sold online as well, by any chance?
- Kaith

Eli said...

What I really need are instep cushions for my heels! Most shoes give shitty instep support which is absolute hell for my high arches. Grarrr. Any tips?