December 09, 2009

Video: Korean Ad for Nivea Lip Care

It's interesting how dependent Korean advertising is on getting a famous actor, singer or band to endorse their group. There are lots of cosmetics commercials I have seen with famous actresses or singers (Jun Ji Hyun of "My Sassy Girl" comes to mind) but this is the first time I have seen a commercial with a lengthy song and dance.

For Nivea, mind you. I am impressed at how they managed to feature the entire Nivea Lip range in it (Sorry, Kahani, but your fave grapefruit flavour didn't get any airtime).

Warning: the song is rather cheesy/ catchy and you might end up having it on loop in your head for hours afterwards.


Tamara said...

I wish we had such ads here!
Circle lenses galore! xD
But one girl seems like she opens her mouth too much when she tries to sing in english o.o.

It looked weird.. xD

Connie De Alwis said...

I was challenging the video when you said that the song's gonna loop in my head.... lol

how very interesting indeed! The girls' lips look chapped though... for a lip balm commercial :-/

Kaoru said...

Hehe, that commercial's great. I have two of the products that they showed... I just know I'm going to think of that song while using them now.

Steph said...


I was just about to click play & I saw your comment about it sticking to my head & I ran as far as I could! :P *scared*

*HUGS* Miss you babe! We have to catch up soon ok? MUAHS!