January 13, 2010

Aussie Love: Lucas Papaw Ointment

Bestie, who is studying in UK, was bewailing the state of her chapped lips a few days ago. "Smack me if you have to, but I am tempted get the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream because I need a lip balm."

"Hold your horses," I replied, "I'll pop some papaw ointment into the mail for you."

The owner of Lucas Papaw Ointment must be making a small fortune. I think nearly every Australian household has a tube or jar of this stuff for cuts, burns, blisters, chapped skin... You name it, this cures it. Last winter, I counted 6 people in my tutorial (out of 15) who whipped a tube out of their bags to dab on their chapped lips.

Even Beaut.ie wrote about this yesterday which described Lucas Papaw Ointment as the cheaper and less stinky alternative to EA's 8 hour cream.

Btw, papaw is the Australian name for papaya. I still have not figured why yet.

I gotta admit, I was kinda sceptical about this ointment when I bought my first tube. How much of a miracle balm is this? Can I really put this stuff on my LIPS?

A few days later, I was a Lucas Papaw convert. The stuff worked great for my chapped lips and on an annoying dry patch of skin which previously refused to go away. I wouldn't really call this HG stuff for my lips though as Ego lip balm works better for me but for the price... meh, I am not complaining.

My dad however, is newly hooked on this. For the past few years, he has had this annoying dry patch on his forefinger (think it's related to eczema) which leaves deep cracks in his skin each time it flares up. The only thing which soothed it was steroid cream.

When Dad came to Australia last month for my graduation, his skin flared up and I passed him my tube of Papaw to try. After much moaning and grumbling (MEN, I tell you), he finally consented to giving this a go. His skin was healing nicely within days and Dad was going about extolling the virtues of Papaw Ointment like a travelling salesman.

Mum reports that it works on my sister's eczema as well. I think my family brought 3 large jars back to Malaysia.

I have a sneaking suspicion that one day, Lucas Papaw Ointment will get a spot of its own in the Aussie Hall of Fame, right next Vegemite. It's just that no one has thought of it yet.

I can't really remember the prices but I think that retail prices are around AUD 4 for a tube, AUD 8 for the 75g jar and AUD 20 for the large, 200g jar of Lucas Papaw Ointment.

Has anyone else tried this and got addicted?


Syen said...

I loooooove this stuff! Hmm.. I thought I had reviewed this earlier, but turns out I never did! So glad to read your review of a product I love. =P

I bought a tub AND a tube (*tee hee*) when I was in Oz early last year after hearing raves about it from my couz. I use the tub at home, mostly as a lipbalm, but the hubs also uses this for his eczema spots. And the tube goes everywhere with me when I travel since it's almost a cure-all for bites, itches, cuts etc. Love. Seriously.

It's available in Malaysia, but pricey as hell. The 75g tub costs RM50-ish if I'm not mistaken. But it's the tube I want, since mine's slowly but surely depleting.

Askmewhats said...

I have the same one in TUBE! thanks to Aussie Love too! It works!!!! :)

gingerbee said...

Is this kind of vaseline but not really? Heehee.

I love the word Papaw. Makes me giggle. :D

Kahani said...

I still have yet to try this stuff out! Ok here's my theory on the Paw paw / papaya debate (because being the pedant that I am, I have a theory).

The word Paw paw is used both for Papayas and for a fruit that looks LIKE a papaya but totally isn't. A story I've come across goes something like Spanish explorers(who have the papaya as we know it) found fruit that looked similar in America and called it Papayas. The natives misheard and called them Paw paws. So when Papayas were imported, the native north americans called the similar fruit paw paw as well...

The key here is to cut the thing open to figure out what it is!

All Women Stalker said...

With all the raves here, it seems this is worth a try. I will ask a friend who's in OZ to get me a tube first. If it can be applied to burns, insect bites and other skin itches, it surely is for me and my kids. Ooops, I hope it's gentle enough for kids! :)

Eli said...

Syen: Izzat a hint I hear? ;P

Nikki: Yes, yes, it works! Especially on dry cuticles.

Gingerbee: It's not like Vaseline at all. Papaw Ointment is.. medicinal.

Kahani: *bows* Thanks for the educational info. I have always wanted to buy a paw paw fruit just to slice it open and make sure it looked like a papaya but wasn't sure how to eat it. Or whether it would taste good.

All Women Stalker: It's gentle enough for kids. People use this for nappy rash and swear by it.

Syen said...

Eli: Oh dear. No no! Wasn't trying to go *hint hint*. It's available here, so no worries! =P

Connie De Alwis said...

Tine was very sweet to get me a tube for my eczema

hmm... I'm on the fence with this one. The first few times I tried it my eczema erupted instead of being suppressed and I isolated Papaw because it was the only new thing that I've tried at that time.
Now I'm starting to use it again even on my eczema patches and so far so good so we'll see how it turns out!

As for EA's 8 hour cream, I love that stuff la :p and I like the smell!!

AmyC said...

oh wow, my favouritest thing in the whole wide world! i use on my lips like 10 times a day if not more, i use it for eczema, i use it for mozzie bites, heck i use it on everything that looks red and itches!

syen> email me your addy please. i'll send a few tubes to you :)

Syen said...

AmyC: Aww man!!! Thanks couzzie! =D


Andrea said...

I had been after this for absolute years! I saw it advertised in a magazine literally around 3 years ago and it was no-where to be found in the UK! I forgot all about it, then i saw it again in another magazine about 6 months ago and looked for it again, I finally found it and ordered! I am hooked on it now! love the stuff! I used to use the 8hour cream but hated the smell, this is perfect I use it for everything! and have backed up my supplies! LOVE IT

Eli said...

Syen: *evil grin* wait til you try Lanolips...

Connie: Hmm, that's odd. But you have insanely sensitive skin kan? Maybe the petroleum in the ointment triggered it?

I can't stand the scent of EA 8 hour cream. Sends me running for the hills. But my friends love toxic smells (petrol, marker pens etc) love the smell.

AmyC & Andrea: So speaketh the Papaw addicts! Where did you order yours from, Andrea? And how much?

Steph said...

LOL! Excuse me?! What is this about your friend liking toxic smells?! Haha! No idea what you're going on about! I'm gonna a tube of this magic balm. And no you are not sending me any. I'll try finding it here in UK first. And you still have yet to send me your Boots, Superdrug, Harrods wishlist! :)

Andrea said...

I found it on EBay of all places, from a uk seller, they also have their own website selling them. I paid £3.85 and 85p postage for a 25g tube. They sell all the different sizes and different brands of pawpaw also. I think this is where i'll continue to buy my stash from! lol.