January 14, 2010

Review Maybelline Lipbalms: Lip Smooth Botanicals in Grapefruit and Colour Care in Cranberry Jam

If you're too lazy to read the individual reviews of these two balms, I can sum them up in one word for you: "Meh..."

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Maybelline Lip Smooth Botanicals with Grapefruit Essential Oils
You KNEW there was no way I'd resist this one. But to be honest I rather wish I had. In Maybelline's defense, there's no promise that it smells of grapefruit only that it contains it. So if you're hoping it'll smell of grapefruit - sorry. The scent has a tang but that's it and the rest smells beeswaxy.

As a lipbalm I'll use it up no problem. It's moisturising and glossy and I like it. But the packaging bothers me. At RM12.90 it's not the cheapest of the balms but it deserves better than a tube that rattles as you apply it. I keep worrying it'll break off! The verdict? You may like it and it's not awful, it's just "Meh..."

Maybelline Colour Care in Cranberry Jam

This one is also not too bad but really not great. If you hate sweet candy-ish scents this is not for you. It has a fragrance that's somewhere between a bubblegum berry flavour and those over-sweet fake fragrance pellets we used to play with as kids. According to Yani, all the flavours, regardless of name, smell the same. Which is disappointing, I wanted this to smell of CRANBERRY.

Shade wise, it's a deep reddish pink that's pretty but not as pigmented as Nivea Strawberry or Cherry balms. Think of it as somewhere between Nivea's Grapefruit and Cherry flavours. I really do quite like the colour but I find the scent off-putting for frequent use.

Gloss-wise it has some gloss, but is overall less glossy than Nivea. I'd say for my money stick to Nivea - it's cheaper - unless the Maybelline balms have a colour that Nivea lacks. At RM9.90 a tube it's not pricey but for what you get I feel it could be cheaper. Again, "Meh..."


AskMeWhats said...

I definitely love the Nivea one! I'll stick to it :) thanks for the review! I am not a super candy type of person! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

ohk! I won't be buying this then. will stick to Nivea :)

Balwinder said...

I'm using the Maybelline color care balm in Cherry. The color worked fine on me and it is a little glossy which is also alright with me.

Thanks for the recommendation to use Nivea brand. When the Maybelline runs out, I'll try out the Nivea.

Yani said...

Okay, now I HAVE to try the Nivea balms! :)

All Women Stalker said...

If I want a little color, I use Nivea. Otherwise, I use Burt's Bees. I've never liked Maybelline's lip products. They make my lips chap.

Eisse J said...

I bought one in DOLLY ROSE (^^), because it is sheer and less 'oily', I like the natural look I get. If there's no fragrance, this would be a 2-thumbs-up from me. http://eissejs.blogspot.com/

Eisse J said...

My updated post. Just wanted to share it here: http://eissejs.blogspot.com/2010/08/review-za-vitamin-lip-with-sunscreen.html