January 29, 2010

Review: Toni & Guy Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Be it for the face or the hair, we oily girls need all the help we can get. For the face, it's facial blotters and blotting powders, while for the hair - dry shampoo, of course!

When I first spotted the Toni & Guy range several months back, the one product I picked up was its Refreshing Dry Shampoo. I've heard so many raves about dry shampoo, and I was really keen on trying one out.

I was particularly keen on trying it out after Kahani did a Batiste demo for me one day at her place. A few sprays and a couple of brushes later, her flat and greasy roots turned bouncy again. I was pretty much sold.

Unfortunately, however, Malaysia does not seem to have many options available. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't been able to spot other options of dry shampoo in either Watson's or Guardian. So Toni & Guy it was.

I'm one who washes my hair every other day (usually at night). This basically means that by the end of the second day, my hair's as greasy as greasy gets and that sure ain't a pretty sight. Why not wash everyday, you ask? Well, my hair ends up too dry. Yes, it's complicated.

So this is where my dry shampoo comes to the rescue. This Refreshing Dry Shampoo promises to "refresh the hair between washes, with a matte textured finish". Sounds like exactly what I need.

But does it deliver?

On days when a wash is due, my hair will start with its tell-tale signs of grease approaching, even in the morning. What I've been doing is to stall this process by giving my hair a good spray (only at the roots), giving it a quick and light massage, and then giving it a good brush.

Unlike Batiste though, this one won't leave you with "grey" hair as its lightweight formula is completely transparent.

In terms of performance, sadly, it also seems to lack the oomph that Batiste has too. While it certainly did help keep the oilies at bay for a good full day (meaning from morning till night), it somehow lacked to wow me as how Batiste did during Kahani's demo. Although, with that said, another round of spraying and brushing in the evening would have been able to keep my hair still presentable, should I have needed to attend an evening function.

But nothing beats the good ole' shampoo and condi duo, me thinks.

In conclusion, it is a good to have, as it does help keep my roots happy for quite a good few hours more. But I don't know if I'll be repurchasing. Priced at over RM30 for a 200ml can, I find it rather pricey. Especially for a product that's merely "okay".

Have you tried this? What say you?


Irina said...

I have this, and I like it. I like how it doesnt turn me grey! I think it does a pretty good job. That said, I've only tried Klorane and therefore only have that to which i can compare this T&G one. I find it a lot better than Klorane, which most declare as their fav dry shampoo...I don't get it!

SerraQuaL said...

i've got this too, but it doesn't hold up well, like u, i have to wash my hair almost everyday.

I have sensitive nose, the aerosol kinda irritates me nose. I have find another room and spray this on and leave the room soon after that.

Yani said...

I just bought this last week! I wash my hair every other day, so I had pretty high hopes for this one. It did refresh for almost an entire day, but doesn't hold up for any longer than that. To me, one extra day is good enough. Then again, I've got short hair so I suppose it is easier. The aerosol scent is a little much, like SerraQual, have to go spray on in another room!

Syen said...

Irina: LOL. I can't comment on the Klorane one as I've never tried it. But different products would work differently on different people. Seeing as you love Toni & Guy's offering, while I find it merely okay. But very glad to know it works great for you. =)

SerraQuaL: Hehe.. I guess I'm lucky that my nose isn't as sensitive then. While the scent doesn't bother me, I do go into the bathroom to spray and brush out my hair. But my reasons for doing that is uhh.. somewhat different. =P

Yani: Hello dearie! I'll agree it does its job in holding up for an entire day. But I think its oil-absorbing powers are (in its own words) too "lightweight" for my liking. I wished it would drink up the oilies a little bit more, and give my hair just that bit more volume.

All Women Stalker said...

My hair can be really oily and dry at times. I'm gonna try this one.

LyNn said...

how did kahani get her hand on batiste?
i so want them too.
its like less than 3 pounds.
do tell me if you find a way to get your hands on them

and thanks for notifying that dry shampoo is available in malaysia! :)
is this the only brand available?

Eli said...

You finally reviewed this! Not as great as Batiste? I might have to stock up on an extra bottle when I came back then. Hmm... My list of things-to-bring-back is getting longer and heavier. Sheesh.

Syen said...

All Women Stalker: Okies! Hope it goes well for you! =)

LyNn: Kahani got her hands on Batiste while she was in the UK. As for other brands here, as I've mentioned earlier, err.. unfortunately, not that I know of! =P

Eli: *tee hee* Yup. Finally. Not as great as Batiste based on what I observed lah. But I haven't personally tried Batiste. When you coming back babe?

Annie Lau said...

i think u should try osis+ dust it mattifying powder by schwarzkopf. it works like magic.

was recommended by my hairdresser from peek-a-boo because i have the flattest hair on earth but this magic powder not only gives me volume but it also keeps my hair oil free for the longest time.

i was told that u could get it in those shops that wholesale hair products but by luck i found it in the shins in tesco mutiara damansara and it was going for half price! i stocked up immediately.

price-wise, it's pretty steep. normally retails for rm60 for a 50ml bottle but like i said, it's still have price.

go try it out.

Syen said...

Annie Lau: Hey Annie, thanks for the recommendation. Will check it out if I pop by a Shins. =)

kittykat said...

where do you get this dry shampoo from? i went to almost every single shop in malaysia to find for dry shampoo.

Anonymous said...

where do I get this?

Kahani said...

Well this review's run some time ago but when Syen bought it, it was available in the larger Watsons.