February 02, 2010

Review: Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask

About once a week I give myself a mini-facial at home. I deep cleanse, scrub, apply a clay mask and follow up with a hydrating mask. Not only is it an indulgent beauty ritual, I find it leaves my skin clear and happy going into the week. Since I got this mask to try from Clarins, I've been using this as my hydrating mask.

Although it's a thick cream it hasn't broken me out - for which I'm grateful. You apply a layer that's thick enough for a even coat of white and after about 15 minutes you'll notice that some of it has disappeared. According to Clarins, this means your skin was dehydrated and it's absorbed the mask.

The mask contains hyaluronic acid, katafray bark for hydration and sobier bud for circulation. But honestly, all it really seems to do is hydrate. Nothing else.

It smells lovely actually, not too strong, faintly of roses and vanilla. Normally I'd hate such a scent but the mask actually smells soothing, cosy and spa-y.

At RM135 per tube, I certainly won't be repurchasing this. For dry skinned gals though I can see how it may be a god-send. But as my skin really isn't dry at all, I use so little that this large tube of 75ml will last me quite awhile. Still, for all it does - hydrate - I'm sure I can find a cheaper alternative. I wish it whitened, de-wrinkled... ANYTHING other than merely hydrate.

What's your favourite hydrating mask? Recommendations please?

For the review of this mask by a dry-skinned babe, check out Connie's.


Kay Es said...

Hi Kahani
The Clinelle Snow White mask is quite a good buy - does its job of hydrating and brightening quite well so i'm sticking to it. but the Clarins mask looks tempting though...

Connie De Alwis said...

thanks for the link!
This one's alright for me :) Not that I know of any other hydrating masks that do better.

Syen said...

I just slap on a thicker layer of the Face Oasis. Although, I've been lazy and haven't been taking care of my skin as much. Starting to itch for my facial appointments with Clarins.

Yani said...

I love Clinique's Derma White Brightening Moisture Mask. It doesn't just brightens, but leaves my skin really, really soft.

Askmewhats said...

I haven't been using hydrating masks lately..I wish to give it a try sometime in the future :)

Sue said...

On second thought, maybe I should skip this. :D thanks for the review.

Kahani said...

KayEs: Ooh and it's way more affordable too. Will look into it thanks!

Connie: welcome dear

Syen: Face oasis precioussss

Yani: Ooh i had a sample of it i must review. I loved it too but it's so expensive! RM160 a tube? 0_0

Nikki: Don't you have dry skin dear?

Sue: Welcome. That's what we're here for. =D I used to love Neutrogena's Hydrating sheet masks btw - but I find sheet masks too expensive per use.