July 27, 2009

Monday's beauty bits: Clarins Hydration From Madagascar Facial Review + Kahani's DIY at home facial

I have a confession to make, my review of the Clarins facial isn't as thorough as I'd like because 5 min into the relaxing facial I was in the zone and my brain was happily purring to itself instead of taking note. So I thought I'd bundle the quick review of the facial with my quick and easy DIY weekly facial.

Clarins Hydration From Madagascar Facial
Why Madagascar? Because the power ingredient in the hydrating products used is katafray bark extract from Madagascar. The extract is meant to increase the hydrating factor.

I've been into hydrating treatments since discovering ~H2O Face Oasis would actually decrease my skin's oiliness. I reason it's because less dehydrated skin feels less of an urge to overproduce oil. So I was delighted with Clarins managed to organise a facial session for me and give me three products from their new Hydration Range to try. They were super sweet and organised it on my day off!

Before the facial Clarins measured my hydration level. At first go, I registered as 'highly dehydrated' (18) to their delight. Then I convinced them to clean off some of my powder foundation and try again. To their dismay, my skin was well hydrated at (40) - the higher end of 'normal'.

Clarins facials are legendarily relaxing - incorporating massage and eschewing painful things like physicial extraction. So after the initial tense-and-relax excercises and bried foot massage I was happily tuned out.

My impression of the facial was - slather on mask/serum/oil/cleanser, wipe off, massage, and repeat for an hour! The facialist was quiet, gentle and professional.
The result of the facial was hydrated happy skin. Measured by the machine I registered as 'hydrated' with a score of 45.

in conclusion, the facial would be a god-send for dry skinned gals. Myself, although I had no breakouts, felt it was a bit rich for my oily skin. I would love to try their cleansing facials though!

At RM198 a session it is pricey. But it's cheaper (if shorter) at smaller Clarins outlets, and packages exist.

My DIY facial for oily acne-prone skin
This is not particularly relaxing or even pampering, but it is great for my skin. After a hard week my skin looks dull and clogged. This routine leaves it glowing, pores clear and closed, and absolutely no breakouts after. It also helps clear existing breakouts. And it's breathtakingly quick and easy.

1. Scrub & deep cleanse - 5-10 min
Cleanse skin of all makeup and then use an exfoliating mask. The aspirin mask is great for this. I use Soap & Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It. Rinse off with gentle scrubbing motions, use a toner (I use Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 2), and then...

2. Detox with clay mask - 15-20 mins
Suck out that excess oil and toxins with a great clay mask. My fave is, of course, Himalaya Herbals Neem Mask but any cleansing clay mask is great. Rinse off massaging the wet mask gently into skin, use toner and then...

3. Hydrating mask - 10-15 min
Slap on a hydrating mask of your choice. Right now I'm in love with Clinique's Derma White Brightening Moisture Mask (review coming up). Other great options are Neutrogena's hydrating mask, Clarins hydrating mask, or a thicker application of ~H2O+ Face Oasis / Clinique Moisture Surge Extra (review also on its way). Massage into skin, tissue off, or cleanse with water when done, and...

4. Finish
Apply a light moisturiser and use light makeup or try and give your skin a break from makeup for the day. Or as long as possible.


Easy yes? And if you don't use sheet masks, you can potter around doing laundry and housework. Weekends are precious after all and I won't waste a minute of it.

What's your fave facial routine?


Askmewhats said...

I know what you mean about saving time! i do hair masks while doing nail art! :) And I do blog while having sheet masks on :)

Eli said...

My DIY facials are about the same as yours but I usually take a nap with my hydrating mask on. I am always in need of sleep.

prettybeautiful said...

hehe. now, if i use clay mask, i will add on a hydration mask after that. skin feels so supple and clean :D

Syen said...

Ooooh.. I do both! I've been going for regular facials at Clarins and I find that it does help. The two treatments I've been getting are Whitening from the Alps, and Truly Matte from Mogok.

And in between sessions I do my DIY facial at home, pretty much identical to Kahani's DIY facials.

My skin is very happy at this point. I sure hope it stays happy. =)

LyNn said...

definitely loving the self DIY facial
saves loads of money!

Kahani said...

Nikki: I think if I was expected to sit around and do nothing with a mask on my face I'd NEVER mask. Funny thing is a lot of girls really do just sit around and mask their faces. o_0

Eli: Ooh yes have napped with Neutrogena's facial on. Woke up with it dried to my face. Oops. =P

PrettyB: It does make the skin very happy and glowy =D

Kahani said...

Syen: Well some of us have weddings that allow us to justify every expense. =P hehehe but yes your skin is gorgeous darling.

Lynn: That's the idea, babe. Just invest in three good masks (if you use the aspirin mask then you save on one) and you're set.