February 11, 2010

Silk Natural's Lip Lube in Candy Cane & Southern Praline

Ok, so I confess, I'm wee bitty lip balm mad. Just a bit. ;)

These cheekily named, Lip Lubes, were released by Karen (founder of Silk Naturals) around Christmas and I'm happy to announce that they're still available because they are DELISH (and cute too)!

Candy Cane is a yummy vanilla peppermint flavour and undoubtedly my fave. For those afraid of landing a toothpaste-flavoured peppermint don't worry. This is a cool menthol with a hint of vanilla and a sweet taste.

Southern Praline is truly special in my experience. Ever had a pecan tart? Well this smell just like it. Melted, buttery brown sugar with warm toasted pecans. Mmm... Candy Cane trumps this primarily because I find it so distracting. And I start craving pecan tarts, pecan pie, pecan cinnabon rolls...

Although SN says these are more for sealing moisture in than for heavy-duty moisturisation I have no complaints. They are glossy, smooth, emollient and are definitely moisturising enough for me. Just word of warning, they may melt in Malaysian weather if you tote it around in your bag under the hot sun. I keep them at home and at my office desk for a treat now and then.

At US$3.99 each they won't break the bank, and it's a great price for hand-made, critter-friendly, natural balms. The tubes are full-sized and I'd definitely repurchase if they're still available when I run out.


AskMeWhats said...

the packaging looks gorgeous! too cute!

Syen said...

Ooh dang. Vanilla Peppermint? Pecan tart? You're making me hungry, woman! They sound truly delightful. Will come use it when I invite myself over to your place next. *tee hee*

yani said...

Just reading your description made my mouth water!

All Women Stalker said...

Lip balm as yummy-looking like this actually exists? I've gotta try this.

Lavender said...

where can we can get these lip gloss in M'sia?

Kahani said...

Nikki: Yes I was so glad she jazzed up the packaging!

Syen: Tee hee. Shameless! =P

Yani: Glad I did it justice. They are muey yummy.

All Woman Stalker: Go for it!

Lavender: We can't sweetie. But ordering online isn't hard. Shipping is reasonable and all you need is a paypal account.

Ouidad said...

These sound delicious! Plus they remind us of the holidays and with all this snow on the East coast they don’t seem too long ago! Great find!

Kahani said...

Ouidad: I've been tossing the leftover mini candy canes from Christmas into my morning coffee. That's another way to get your holiday fix! =P