February 10, 2010

Sunscreen Series: Neutrogena SPF 30+ (or SPF 75 for non-Ozzies) Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion

I finally got around to trying out the much-hyped about Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunscreen and ladies, I am not impressed.

Shocker, I know. Practically everyone I know who has given this a go raves about how easily it goes on and the matte finish it leaves behind. Plus, the Neutrogena Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion worked so well for me (reviewed here), I had high hopes for the body equivalent.

What a letdown.

By the way, this sunscreen is rated SPF 30+ in Australia (30+ being the highest allowed SPR rating in Australia), I believe it is rated as either SPF 50 or 75 in other countries.

Part of the hype surrounding the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer range is the helioplex technology used to stabilise the active ingredients in sunscreen products (I have previously explained here) which makes for better, more effective and long lasting protection against UVA rays.

Sounds great so far, especially topped off with the claim that the Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunscreen has a "lightweight, clean feel" which "leaves skin soft and smooth" (it is written on the tube). And, it is also 4 hours water resistant. Perfect for sun, surf and sand mad Ozzies.

As mentioned, lot of people have raved over how quickly this absorbs into their skin and leaves them with a non-greasy feel. While I agree that this doesn't leave a whitish cast, the sunscreen has a pretty thick texture which takes quite a while for me to apply. It doesn't absorb into my skin any faster than other sunscreens and neither does it leave me feeling dryish. My skin still feels and looks greasy.


Performance wise, I would say that this is pretty good. I tan pretty easily after a few hours without sunscreen and using this has definitely prevented that.

The active ingredients in this sunscreen are:

1. Homosalate: UVB protection
2. Octyl Salicylate: UVB protection
3. Oxybenzone: Short wave UVA protection
4. Octylcrylene: UVB protection
5. Butyl Methoxydibenzylmethane/ Avobenzone: Long wave UVA protection

At the end of the day, I think my usual Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen is a better deal. It gives me less of a greasy feel, just about the same amount of protection and it's cheaper to boot. The Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen is priced at AUD 17.99 for 85 ml (I picked it up when it was 15% or 20% off) while Cancer Council is AUD 14.95 for 200 ml. That's a price difference of AUD 13.69 per 100 ml and seeing how an 85ml tube of Neutrogena Dry Touch lasts for 3 weeks...

No, I am not repurchasing.


plue said...

finally! someone who doesn't like it just like me!

LOL! I completely understand the statement u made that you still feel and look greasy with it cuz it does the same thing for me :(

Shuu said...

I don't like this sunscreen as well. I have dry skin and usually I never look oily even after putting sunscreen on. Applying this on my face feels like as if a have a pile of oil grease on my face. It takes a while to blend nicely and eventually I decided to go back to lighter texture sunscreen rather than this

Anonymous said...

yess!! someone who understands! I absolutely hate the greasy feel this leaves when I use it. I think I used it twice, and that was it.

Kahani said...

Hey Ladies, Eli is incommunicado at the moment but have no fear she'll get back to your comments as soon as civilisation rediscovers her.

I know I can't use this stuff because of its high dimethicone content but I'm slightly confused. Eli said, that this is the "body equivalent" and well, I thought it was for the face?

Tine said...

I do agree with you, the sunscreen in the tube is thick. I've switched to the sunscreen spray and it's definitely easier to apply :)

Meldee said...

Hmm! I've been using this one regularly (I think I've gone through about 3 or 4 tubes since last year) and while the greasiness irked me a little, I never thought that there might be a less-greasy alternative! Righto Eli, thanks for this--will stock up on the Cancer Council ones next month! :)

Eli said...

Yay! I am not alone. Its so greasy, my skin hates it.

Kahani: *scratch head* Well, you can use this for your face but it doesn't have the word "face" written on it anywhere and a lot of pharmacies describe as "for body". Decided to go along with it.

Meldee: Cancer Council is definitely less greasy but I just found an even less greasy sunscreen! Review coming up next week.