March 30, 2010

Bathing in the Milky Way: The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel

When scientists aimed a giant scope at the milky way they found the presence of ethyl formate. It's the chemical that gives raspberries their flavour and rum it's scent.

Isn't that beautiful? The milky way tastes of raspberries and smells of rum.

So when using this shower gel (which PrettyBeautiful gave me -thanks babe!) I indulge myself and imagine that it smells of the milky way. Could use a touch more rum though ;)

Like most body shop gels it's beautifully scented, foams nicely and washes off cleanly. Although it's gentle, it isn't moisturising and can be rather drying. So follow up with a lotion if you're dry-skinned.

I believe this retails for about RM25 for 250ml. A touch pricey for me which makes it an even lovelier indulgence. What's your fave Body Shop shower gel scent?


Jenn said...

Are those real berries?? Yum!! :D~

My favourite scents from TBS are Olive, Passionfruit and Papaya (discon already i think?)! The Cranberry one is nice too but it gets stale after awhile! :D

beetrice said...

hands down - pink grapefruit...but if i HAD to choose a second, probably satsuma... :D

Kahani said...

Jenn: Yesh daddy brought them back from NZ and I thought, "HEEEY PHOTOSHOOT!" =P

Bee: Me too but it's goonnee gonnnee goonnneee. Satsuma's a wee bit sugus for me. I may really like their new lemon - but it's LE too.

The Undercover Gypsy said...

hmmm.....I like the passion fruit range. It smells nice enough w/out being too sweet.

But of late, their new Spa Wisdom ranges seem quite good. The polynesia Lotus+Frangipani bathing milk is also pretty luxurious....but like you said, for the price (somewhere around S$25) it had better be pampering me like mad!

Anonymous said...

I love the mango, passion fruit, green apple, raspberry and peach ones. They're having 50% off on some of them now and I just need to stock them up! I love TBS fruity bath & shower gel :)