March 29, 2010

Monday's Beauty Roundup: March, 2010

Hello dearies,

How was your weekend? Mine saw my brand new spanking bookshelves arriving, and I'm mucho happy about it. Believe it or not, my books have been packed up in their boxes since way before I moved (after the wedding) and there they remained until now as I hadn't managed to get new shelves to house them. But no longer! Wheee! =)

Anyway, the month of March is almost over. So let's see what the other blogging ladies have been up to this whole month!

  • ParisB of My Women Stuff gets us thinking about money! Wanna know if what you're buying is actually worth the price you're paying? Keyword: Cost per wear. Geez. And I've never actually looked at things that way before. Eeks!

  • Don't have time in the morning to preen to your heart's content? No problem. Nikki of Askmewhats does it in just five easy steps in FIVE minutes! And she even has product recommendations.

  • Can't tell if you're wearing too much makeup? Yes? No? Maybe so? Yani of Red Luscious Lips has six easy pointers to see if you've gone a little too far with the war paint.

  • I think I just found me another lipbalm lemming. After stocking on three tubes of Nivea's Pink Grapefruit (which is yummilicious, btw), Beetrice of Beetrice's Review HAD to share about Nivea's Fruity Shine lipbalm in Pomegranate. Eeps!

  • Lipglosseating Jenn has been a busy, busy bee, but she still manages to share a really funny story. With awesome MAC Spring Colour Forecast swatches to boot!

  • Wanna get a Hot Mama? Connie of Skindeco gives her take on this blush. Sorry boys, it IS only a blush.

Now continue reading for a little something I thought I'd share with you girls.

Knowing that Smashbox's Heartbreaker collection was now available in KL, I made a mad dash to their only counter yesterday to check out... Baked Starlight. Of course. A quick try showed that it was pigmented enough to show on me, so naturally, I caved. That cost me RM116.

And then the sales assistant had to tell me that with a purchase, that entitled me to a Fusion Blush in Regal for a mere RM59. Regal is an LE from an old collection, and something I'd been eyeing before but never purchased because it cost a lot more then. But for RM59... Gah! Why did she have to hit my soft-spot?

And that is how those two blushers are now sitting on my dresser. Anyway, for the rest of you blush-mad girls who are keen, I think this is not too bad a deal to check out.

Happy Monday ya'll!


The Undercover Gypsy said...

Pretty! I've been on a mosaic powder kick the last couple of months and these look so appealing now....well any excuse to want to buy more makeup, right? ;)

I went on a drugstore rampage this past weekend and stocked up on the Milani mosaic powders (I can't believe I bought 3!!!) and a 3 Bourjois e/s. I don't get the symmetry of buying 3 products from each brand, but am blaming it all on "March madness" :D

plue said...

am too tired to run down to Pavillion for this, so I guess I'm skipping this although I think i will like this very much! :(

sigh. why is smashbox only in Pavillion? :(

Petra said...

Informative post, one of your best. Thanks!

Paris B said...

Yay for Baked Starlight! :D

Kahani said...

OMG you mad girl. AND bad girl. LOL

Still now's the time to use Cost per wear.... =P

Connie De Alwis said...

you are weak! :p
Those blushes look lovely and what a good deal on Regal!

Syen said...

Gypsy: LOL. Totally get you. I have a thing for mosaic stuff too. =P

Plue: Yeah. Why can't they come to Midvalley and KLCC and 1U too?

Petra: Uhh.. no prob? =)

Paris: Yay! =)

Kahani: Hahahaha... ah well.

Connie: *squeaks* Yes, I am. And yes. Good deal, no? =P