March 25, 2010

Grapefruit Shampoos: Lush Happy Hippy & Mannings Strengthening & Repairing

It's a sad fact that Malaysia lacks Grapefruit scented shampoos. Or grapefruit scented most things. Boo. So I do got a bit boinkers when confronted with grapefruit anything.

Look at that pic, if I wish hard enough and you wish hard enough think we can reverse the sizes? Because I'd LOVE to have a giant bottle of Happy Hippy and am currently wondering what I'm to do with the rest of the Manning's shampoo. Why?

Mannings Shampoo
This smells like everything I'd want any grapefruit shampoo to be. Only once it's rinsed out the smell disappears. No happy days of sniffing my locks. *sighs*

And it's not harsh, it's really really gentle. Too gentle maybe. At the end of the day my hair lacks bounce and is somewhat limp. I tend to use this when I'm washing my hair for the second time in a day (in this weather can you blame me?) or if my hair seems dry (hardly ever).

If you're looking for an affordable nice and mild creamy shampoo with a gorgeous grapefruit scent (that doesn't last), you'll probably LOVE this. At HKD27.90 it won't break the bank - you just have to fly to Hong Kong to get it!

Lush Happy Hippy
I owe a vote of thanks to the lovely Plue for this fabulous Chrissy pressie! Until I took a whiff of this "real grapefruit juice" containing shampoo and shower gel I had NO IDEA grapefruit products could smell sooo goood. It's the freshest, juiciest grapefruit scent you can imagine and guess what? It scents your hair so you sit around in a happy cloud of grapefruit all day.

It is quite harsh though, and can be drying as a shampoo and shower gel unless you're an oily gal like me. I use it as a once a week clarifying treat or when I need a pick me up.

Now for the real problem. We have no Lush in Malaysia and it's crazy expensive in Australia and Hong Kong - the two nearest destinations. I'll have to beg the next UK-bound person to pick up a 250ml bottle for me - it's only £5.50 there. I'd buy more but Lush products, being all natural, don't keep that well and considering how sparing I am with this it may go bad before i get to the end of it.

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