March 24, 2010

Needed! An Eye Makeup Remover

This sore-eyed kitten image was taken from The Foster Babies' Blog

Help me out here, ladies. I need some recommendations for a good and inexpensive eye makeup remover.

I have been mostly using Neutrogena's oil-free eye makeup remover (its the blue bottle on the bottom left here) for the past two years. Now that I am back in Malaysia, I have got to look for an equally effective and inexpensive alternative.

This is where you ladies come in.

But before you start giving me suggestions, let me tell you what I have tried over the years and which have miserably failed.

1. Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Most of you would know this one. It was the first makeup remover I ever used and would have continued with it until it started giving me milia a few years ago. I was quite upset when that happened as I was pretty pleased with it (wipes off waterproof mascara in 30 seconds) up til then. (If you don't know how it looks like, check it out on Plue's blog here)

2. Simple Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover
Let's just say that this is on my "Never again, not even if there was only one bottle on the shelf and a sheep" list of things to buy. Mascara simply would not budge from my eyelashes with this stuff and it stung my eyeballs so badly, I wanted to pop them out of my eye sockets and rinse them in saline water for relief.

3. Any Eye Makeup Remover from Nivea
I like Nivea products in general but their eye makeup removers belong to the same category as Simple's. Absolute rubbish at removing makeup and by golly, do they sting the eye. OUCHIE. I was rolling around on my bathroom floor for a while.

4. Olive oil and other vegetable oils
Don't mind the oiliness but they all cause milia.

5. Baby oil
Works a treat but I am worried about milia (see 1 and 4).

6. L'Oreal Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Another popular drugstore makeup remover. I bought this last week only to find out that it breaks me out in rashes. Arrrrgh. 4 days later and I am still waiting for some tiny bumps on my eyelid to subside. Boy, do I look cock eyed at the moment.

7. Vaseline
When All Else Fails, there is always Vaseline. I usually use this as a backup but I would prefer something which doesn't cloud up my vision so much.

So, ladies, I need an eye makeup remover that is inexpensive (I am soon-to-be-earning a civil servant's salary), non-oily, dermatologist-approved and hopefully animal-friendly.

Whadayya say?


Jenn said...

I was going to recommend the Maybelline / Loreal ones, then i read your list!! :D

If budget is not a concern, go for the MAC Cleanse off oil. Its mineral oil free and takes off everything in a jiffy! :)

Paris B said...

Try the Kanebo one that comes in a blue square bottle - it was RM38 last I bought and can last a while and works for me. Sorry to hear about the L'Oreal giving you rashes. That was the one I was going to recommend too.

The Undercover Gypsy said...
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The Undercover Gypsy said...

An old favourite is The Body Shop's Camomile eye makeup remover. I haven't had it sting/dry out my eyes. It's colourless, fragrance-free and does the job.

You've listed most of the drugstore removers as no-nos and I have to agree with you (esp. Simple, egads!), except on the l'oreal "bi-phase" cleanser, I forget the name, but it worked beautifully (sorry to hear about the reaction it caused).

I know you mentioned inexpensive, but the Clinique eye&lip remover also works very well. It is not as atrociously pricey as certain other department store brands, but is still excellent.

My litmus test for eye makeup removers is how well they take off my Mac fluidlines and both of the above work very well.

ETA: If all else fails, get the Neutrogena one from Singapore :)

Kahani said...

I second undercover gypsy's recommendation! I always keep a small bottle around to clean up eye makeup in the day time as its non-greasy and lets me apply makeup over. For night I use L'Oreal as its faster - but TBS's is nice and works too. Just be a bit more patient. =D

Connie De Alwis said...

you're back in Malaysia? MEET-UP MEET-UP MEET-UP!

I no longer use specific eye-makeup removers but
My suggestions: Elianto Eye & Lip Makeup Remover and Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion

Eli said...

Jenn, ParisB and Undercover Gypsy: *starts taking notes* Looks like I have a lot of patch testing to do next week.

Kahani: I knew I left a makeup remover off the list. TBS! Unfortunately, it stings my eyes madly.

Connie: Ooh, Elianto. I have never checked out their stuff before and since the makeup remover is so cheap, now might be the time...

We will definitely meet up, don't worry.

Kahani said...

Oh shite. Btw Elianto's pomegranet dual phase eye makeup remover stings MY eyes.

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Aww...that's too bad Kahani...I haven't tried the Elianto MU remover.
Eli, if you have to rule out TBS too, you could maybe try Skin Food's aloe eye and lip make up remover, or The face shop's ones (rice water, I think)?
Another brand that I haven't yet tried, but one that's making a lot of buzz - Stage. It appears to have 2 kinds of eye makeup removers...and I like their eye shadows...

Good luck testing them out - atleast this way you can swatch tons to eyeshadows and create new combos to wear before attempting to wipe them off ;)

Karen said...

How about MANDOM Cleansing Express Eye Makeup Remover? Available at Jusco.

It's inexpensive, simple to use, and works like a dream...

LyNn said...

well i was gonna say loreal at first but owh well.
maybe elianto?
im using the cucumber one which is ok
i chose elianto over maybelline cause plue said elianto is slightly less oily than maybelline

maybe you wanna give etude house a go.

MilknCookiie said...

Have you heard of Kose's point make up remover? I think it's a rather good one for a non-oil based make up remover overall. I bought it at Sasa. :) I hope you'll find a good one!

★ Cookiie

Eli said...

Lots of suggestions! I like.

Kahani: I wonder if I can walk up to Elianto and squirt some MU remover to my eye to see if it stings.

Undercover Gypsy: My mum actually suggested TFS. Reminds me, I have a bunch of their samples to try. Ho hum.

Karen: Thanks for that! I was wondering if someone was going to recommend MANDOM. Saw it in Watsons and it is affordable for such a big bottle.

Eli said...

Lynn: That's my dilemma! Different mu removers work for different people. You and Connie are fine with Elianto while Kahani isn't.

Cookiie: I was just looking at Kose point mu remover on MUA. Mixed reviews so I am going to mull over it a little while more...

Lavender said...

The 2 most effective eye make up remover that I recommend are:

1. Skin Food Milk Shake Point Makeup remover - abt RM30+ for 160ml

2. Elianto Green Tea Make up remover - abt RM16+ for 100ml

So far these 2 are the best for me.

xobiianca said...

Cyber Colours Eye Makeup removes works wonderfully too. And its on sale now, RM32 for 2 oz bottles and RM26 for the bigger ones! (:

Steph said...

:) I've found the bi-phasic ones work best for me. I picked up the Sasa house brand ones while in Taiwan & I gotta say...not too shabby at all. Way better than the cremy Boots & Loreal Maquillage ones I've got here.

april said...

Pond's cold cream the cool classic ( Just a small dab of it for each eye will do. It's cheap, and a small tub of it can last you forever. I found them sitting sedately on the lowest shelf at guardian looking a tad neglected. Took one home and never looked back. Hope it works for you!

Kahani said...

Eli: Next time I see you I'll pass you my small bottle of elianto eye makeup remover to try. Also, just wondering, but do you wash off the oilier makeup removers (that give you milia) with cleanser immediately after removing eye makeup?

Nasa said...

hmmm i've used the loreal one for years, it's excellent!
tried out the body shop's camomile one as well but it doesn't remove eyeliner properly :( I have a WHOLE bottle left.. any takers ?:P free one..

Andrea said...

It's not cheap but the absolute best eye makeup remover i've used is Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover. You just shake it up to mix, press a cotton pad with makeup remover on your eye (or wherever else) for a couple seconds then just wipe off. Comes off really easily!
I'm on my second bottle!

Andrea said...
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Eli said...

Steph: I like the bi-phase ones too. Weren't you using Lancome as well? How did that work?

April: COLD CREAM! How could I forget that one? My aunts used to have a little jar on their dressing table.

Kahani: Ooh, goody. Yup, I wash my face immediately and go over the eye area with a dab of Cetaphil on an ear bud if I think the mu remover is a tad too oily.

Nasa: That's my grouse with TBS as well. It takes quite bit of patience. Not good after loooong days.

Andrea: Thanks for that!

milktea said...

I'm using the Calming Eye Makeup Remover from Marks & Spencer. Not so calming after all - there's a slightly sharp scent and it stings! Retails at RM23 for 100ml.

Ajithkumar Yadhavan said...

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