March 22, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits

So Swedish (edited: Oops not Canadian thanks paris & connie) brand, Make Up Store has closed shop and moved out of Malaysia (thanks for the twitter-info, ParisB!). I've never tried anything from them - have you? Will you miss it?

On the plus side I've heard a rumour that Burts Bees is coming to town! True?

More Revlon Colorstay revelations. After a couple of months, I have the chuck the bottle even if there's some remaining becuase it dries up and the finish gets heavy and cakey. Also, interestingly enough, it appears to break me out then - but not before. Huh!

If you melt in heat and humidity - don't renew your passport at the immigration office at Terminal 2 Subang. The air cond's been down since 2006! Not really a beauty tip unless you plan to get your pic taken there too. Don't do that either btw. :( ParisB's experience at pusat bandar damansara sounds so much better!


rinnah said...

Burt's Bees will be coming to Malaysia? That would be good... cos I had to exercise such great restraint and put back that Lemon Cuticle cream I've been lemming ever since I caught a whiff of it from you... :P

Paris B said...

Er... wasn't Make Up Store Swedish? And I saw some ads/workshops (whats it with brands and workshops?!) for Burts Bees in some mag so I'm thinking its coming in soon. I won't miss Make Up Store - bought a concealer from them when they opened. It was one of my worst purchases ever!

Connie De Alwis said...

Thought MUStore was Swedish :-/
I went to the shop saw all those papers stuck in front of it. The whole of makeup left in the store was being auctioned off at RM1.5k

ahhh... I'd be excited but not beeswax for me

LyNn said...

any warehouse sale from make up shop?
nope never tried anything from them either

owh i went to damansara to renew my passport once,
it was insane!
now i only go to the shah alam branch. (3rd time renewing there!)

Kahani said...

rinnah: Tee hee it does smell yummeh no?

PB & Connie: Sorry, blurrr! Hahah so the warehouse sale is everything in the store for 1.5k?

Lynn: I give them five years to pull their act together. That's the next time I need to renew!

Syen said...

I've never tried anything from The Makeup Store. Still sad it's gone though. Swatched some eyeshadows before and they looked gorgeous, but just didn't find the heart to fork out the dough then. Ah well.

Connie De Alwis said...

I don't know the legal terms (PB, help!) but basically they owe mid valley some 70k or so (can't remember) but it was a lot of months' rent

Eli said...

I passed by when I first got back 2 weeks ago and there was a sign on the door saying that the shop lot has been repossessed. So what Connie says makes a lot of sense now.

Didn't know that the Damansara branch was still open. Always went to Shah Alam but I guess I'll be doing it in KK now.