March 23, 2010

My Favourite Things: St Ives Whipped Silk Advanced Body Moisturiser

Hello lovelies,

As requested by April when I decided (against my better judgment) to let you girls know how many moisturisers I had, here's a review of one of my absolute faves - St Ives Whipped Silk Advanced Body Moisturiser.

I first met this Whipped Silk moisturiser several years ago, when it was first released. Anyone remember the old packaging with the blue caps?

Originally, there were two scents available, I believe, as I remember clearly there was the one with the purple rose, and a pink rose.

Today, St Ives seems to only have the purple rose variety. But no matter. It's still one heck of a moisturiser.

For the Malaysian climate, St Ives couldn't have done better. It's moisturising but light enough even for our humid weather. I'd say this is even lighter than this Oatmeal & Shea Butter variety. If you're in a temperate country, this is a summer lotion alright. As much as I love it, I'm afraid it won't be able to carry you through winter.

Slathering it on, it does a great job of moisturising the skin without any of that greasy feel. It sinks right into the skin, which is a rather important point for me when it comes to body lotions.

A cute little extra that St Ives did as well, was to design the dispenser in a star-shape. This feature was also available in the original blue-capped design, and gives your moisturiser a whipped-cream look. Nice touch, don't you think?

As for the scent, it has a lovely and light floral scent which is very pleasant, and a little comforting. I love applying this at night as I find it has a rather calming effect on me.

The list of ingredients is as below:

Price-wise, it costs about RM16 for a 354ml bottle, which isn't pricey at all if you ask me.

To conclude, I really love this moisturiser, and it ranks up there with my all-time Dove holy grail. I have one bottle at home, and I'm still using my old bottle at my parents' place for when I visit them.

Yup, I love it that much. Have you tried it?


Tine said...

I absolutely LOVE this body lotion. It's the only one I've repurchased about three times. Unfortunately they've discontinued it in Australia and we can't get it no more :(

It was great while it lasted.

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Combined with the body wash the gentle fragrance lingers for just a little bit longer.

And you're so right, St.Ives somehow seem to get most of their products just right, to suit even our humid climes.

Syen said...

Tine: Yeah, I can tell you love it. I read your review on it too sometime back. But oh dear! It must really really suck not being able to get your hands on it now. Boo. (Stock up when you come back next! =P )

Gypsy: I wished the body wash was available here too, but noooo. I really wished they'd bring in more of their stuff in. There's so many St Ives products I really wanna try!

Khymm said...

I love St. Ives! I'm using their Eye stress gel, apricot scrub, makeup remover and the firming lotion.

Adrianna said...

I swear by St Ives body lotion. Doesn't have that greasy feel after using it.This lotion is light and airy like souffle.Loves it!

april said...

Ohh thank you! I actually found Whipped Silk at one of those random provision stores at my doorstep, not even sure if it's a real St Ives as the ingredient list looks slightly different from yours. *looks dubiously at that bottle of Whipped Silk next to her* But like you said, it is awesome for humid climates. Wonderful to put on, isn't it?

Jess said...

It is also my HG of a body moisturiser! Love love love it so much! Do they still sell it around here? I went lookin' high and low for it some time back. Mind telling where to get em?

Syen said...

Khymm: Yeah, I'm a great fan of their products too! In fact, my first facial cleanser was their chamonile cleanser, which has long been discontinued. I really liked it though, back then. =)

Adrianna: Likewise! Glad you like it too! =)

April: Hmm.. interesting. Maybe you'd like to check it against the ingredients list on their St Ives site? At least it applies well, though. LOL.

Jess: If your "here" is in Msia, then, yes, they do! I think you can easily find it in Guardian, Watson's, or even Caring pharmacies. I've been seeing it everywhere. Happy looking!

Annette said...

I've been looking for this recently in Guardian and Watsons but to no avail. Is it discontinued? TIA!