March 01, 2010

Monday's Beauty Roundup: February, 2010

Hello lovelies, and hallo-ah March!

Jiminy Crickets, it's March already. Third month into the year and things are generally looking bright and cheery on my end (apart from a sore throat that's turned into a wheezing cough. Bah. Humbug!). I hope March will be a great month for you.

With that said, let's have a look at what the other beauty blogging sista's have been up to in February.
  • ParisB of MyWomen Stuff tempts us with more massage goodness. This time, it's Thai massage from Touches de Siam. (I reeeally could use some.)

  • Connie of Skindeco shares her love for The Body Shop's Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask. And tells a little heartwarming tale along with it.

  • Want to know the secret on how to look like you've had a good 10-hours of sleep every night? Yani of Red Luscious Lips has her answer in a little magic pot of La Mer.

  • Nikki of Askmewhats shares her love for this Kerastase hairmask which she says makes her hair all lovely and shiny. And who doesn't love shiny hair, right? Of course right.
Have a great week ahead ya'll!

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Lela said...

Hi, ladies. Just saw this video to the song "Bette Davis Eyes" and thought I should share it with my favorite blog to stalk. Hope you enjoy it!