March 02, 2010

Review: Benefit 10 Bronzer & Highlighter Palette

I managed to score this cute little palette for about RM50 - the price seems to have gone up now. Boo! I'll admit that as I do already have the 10 Box-O-Powder and the Dragonfly Stila Duo, if the palette hadn't been so goshdarned cute and cheap I wouldn't have been tempted to buy it.

It arrived just in time for my recent weekend trip to Singapore and with just one extra dark shade of brown shadow I made it do for my entire trip. Best way to test out the usefulness of a palette and this one held up pretty well actually.

Subtle and natural, that's the look this palette gives. None of the shades are strong and all are glowy (not quite shimmery). The shadows are enough to emphasise the eyes and the bronzer/highlighter makes a gentle glowy blush when blended. And of course contouring always rocks.

The glosses are actually quite pigmented and there are cool and warm shades - both of which work great with the palette.

For night I shaded on a darker eyeshadow, popped on red lipstick and was ready to paint the town red. Which I did. Much to my poor head's dismay the next day!

It's a neat little palette, well-made with solid cardboard, a mirror, and strong magnetic closures. While I wouldn't pay full price for it, at RM50 it's well worth it for toting along on trips where you mostly want a low-fuss, easy day look.


Askmewhats said...

love seeing your FOTD early in the morning! this is a nice palette, I like palettes too! but I don't like it if it gets a bit small! :)

Paris B said...

That actually looks really cute. I dithered over it yesterday on Strawberrynet but I opted out in the end and went for more YSL Rouge Voluptes LOL Looks great on you for a simple look :)

Kahani said...

Oh yes forgot to mention I'm squinting because of the morning sun. Argh .=P

NikkiL Thanks dear, the palette itself isn't small but the strips of makeup are a bit.

Paris: Unless you're a bit of a mad Benefit fan, or don't have the Ten Box 'o Powder, it's not thaat worth it. RM50 though was hard to pass up!

yani said...

Nice, clean look on you, Kahani! And I love your lip colour!!!

Eli said...

I was tempted to grab the palette meself but realised that the colours are all too light on my skin. *sigh* That's 50 bucks saved, I guess.

LyNn said...

how come only RM 50 for benefit stuff ya
sadly the price went up :(

Kahani said...

Yani: Aww thanks! The lipcolour is the peach one in the palette.

Eli: It does give a nice glow though. You can play with it when you come back!

Lynn: Strawberrynet is a reseller of old-stock products that they get at low prices so they can sell below retail. Stalking them for good deals is something we all do. =)