March 10, 2010

Wave Control: Garnier Fructis Wave Defining Mousse

One of the things safely stashed in my luggage bag for my return to Malaysia (flight is later today) is this: Ganier's Wave Defining Mousse.

My usual Sunsilk Curl Booster and FOTE Aloe Vera Gel simply weren't cutting it for me over summer. My hair either frizzed up and turned me into a poodle poof-ball, or turned limp and left me looking like a drowned cocker spaniel. So when I discovered this 'cone free mousse at the supermarket for AUD 5.50, I let out a happy squeak and threw it into my shopping basket.

As I mentioned before here, Sunsilk Curl Booster leaves my waves feeling a tad crunchy while FOTE Aloe Vera gel makes me a bit frizzy when the air is dry. Thankfully, Garnier's Wave Defining Mousse seems to be immune to humidity issues or hair moisture levels.

The mousse has to be used on a sopping wet head of hair for it to really work so have it handy the minute you step out of the shower. Just shake the can, spray the mousse onto your hand (I use about a tennis ball size amount for my hair) and scrunch it into your hair, working up to the top from the tips. Leave to air-dry naturally or use the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer if you have one.

The only drawbacks to this product are that one, you have to go around with dripping hair til it dries, and two, the waves don't last after a night's sleep. With Sunsilk and FOTE, you just need a sprinkle of water in the a.m. to refresh your waves.

Malaysia has such a severe lack of affordable, cone-free curl products, goodness knows what I am going to do when my can of Garnier runs out. I will probably KY jelly a go then.


kuri said...

hrm, maybe I should be using my mousse with dripping wet hair. I usually apply about two ping pong balls worth of mousse but haven't seen much affect on my hair.
Interesting product! Will keep an eye out for it.

Petra said...

Oil? You should see the array we have in the house: coconut oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, palm oil...

The Undercover Gypsy said...

lol @ the KY Jelly comment...

Sadly, mousse seems to do nothing at all for my very fine, wavy-curly hair and the FOTE aloe vera gel gave me the frizzies too, so in the interest of not looking like a homeless poodle-person, I decided to plonk down some cash on Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom and truly haven't had horrific bad hair days.

The Body Shop's cottonseed curling cream is kind of a good alternative.

Eli said...

kuri: Give me a heads up if you can find it in Japan!

Undercover Gypsy: Kiehl's Creme? I should check it out this weekend.

I found that using a leave-in conditioner before scrunching in FOTE aloe vera gel helps to take away the frizziness.