April 30, 2010

I dream of cotton candy ~

This particular offering from Olay had been lounging around on the shelves at our local drugstores for months before I finally decided that I had to have it. A certain home-spa post from ParisB most certainly played a role in tipping the scales over.

Dressed in a pink tube and covered in swirls, this huge bottle of Olay Body Wash Plus creme ribbons with almond oil totally made me think of cotton candies.

I'm not saying it smells of cotton candies. Just reminds me of one.

In the shower, this bodywash is absolutely delightful. A cream-base bodywash, it's very rich and emollient, but with words like "with almond oil", I think you'd rather expect it. And precisely because of this, I find this bodywash to be a shaving cream par excellence.

It does lather up, but not very much. After a bath I get this feeling of being both clean and moisturised. My skin feels very comfortable, almost like I've just slathered a thin layer of moisturiser on. It's that good. Which is just awesome for girls with dry skin like me.

Add also to the fact that I can detect faint gourmand scents while I'm showering makes it a very, VERY delicious bodywash.

If I did have a complaint about this product, it would definitely be the packaging. Without a doubt, this product's packaging is not shower friendly at all! Even if the dispenser is really cute being ribbon-shaped and all. First off, it stands on its cap, which means you have to close the damn thing every time after you squeeze some creme out.

One hand holding the huge bottle, and one hand cupping the creme does not leave me with another free hand to close the cap. Last time I checked, I only had two hands. So I end up using my elbow.

Also the cap has a tendency to not shut very properly, and I am very fussy with details like this. Especially so when the whole bottle sits on the cap. I really would not appreciate product spilling out all over the place.

For about RM17 for this massive 532ml bottle, I think it's an affordable piece of luxury to have in the shower.

Apart from the silly packaging, it's all gooood. Have you tried it?


The Undercover Gypsy said...

Yes, I have - went through all 4 kinds and am a happy Olay supporter. This is especially good on days when I need to rush and don't have the time to apply moisturiser. Olay, along with Dove, has long been my standard for body cleansing and I don't see that changing any time soon.
And oh I hear you on the packaging. I always have to hold the bottle upside down a couple of seconds before I flip the cap open to dispense the soap, otherwise it spills all over the place. Remember the old Olay body wash bottles, the white bottle with the coloured caps on the top? I yearn for those day...

Paris B said...

My Olay Total Effects one is done - finito! I'm thinking of getting the super moisturizing one. Or maybe the ocean scented one (blue ribbons) coz I'm not a fan of sweet smells :)

Syen said...

Gypsy: Oooh.. you've gone through all four kinds? Which is your fave? And what are the four you tried? I've got a few faves for bodywashes - St Ives, J&J, Dove and now this as well. =)

Paris: You've finished yours? Wow... that's serious usage man. Let us know how the next one works out! =P

ksuan said...

Hi Syen,

I'm an acquaintance of Meldee's, a fellow journalist at your paper (but at the JB bureau!) and a longtime (but silent) reader of your blog - just wanted to say hello and what a great job you, Kahani and Eli do writing reviews on So Loverly - thanks for all the informative, candid reviews and keep up the great work!

LyNn said...

cotton candy?'

Syen said...

ksuan: Ooooh. We're colleagues then! LOL. Now I should go look up who you really are. =P Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the kind words. It really helps us chug along. =D

LyNn: Yeap. Cotton candy. =P

The Undercover Gypsy said...

I started on these when they were first introduced 2 yrs (?) ago when they were called Total Effects for the Asian market - tried the pink, green, blue and purple types and adored the most moisturising purple one. It's so very deeply comforting :D

Lynsey James March said...

This looks soooo nice! I love Olay, they make great products for dry skin like mine!