April 29, 2010

Review: Natio Eye Contour Wrinkle Cream / Treatment Gel

I find reviewing eye creams quite hard. Unless they're awful or miracles in a tube, most of the time what I hope for is that they moisturise enough and do nothing unwanted. Well with these two, I'm willing to make one additional claim. I believe regular and daily use of the wrinkle cream at night and the treatment gel in the morning has slightly reduced eye bags and undereye circles.

I bought them during a great Sasa deal and after Eli's enthusiastic review of the treatment gel and have used them for over two months day and night. The treatment gel is wonderful to use in the morning as its light, refreshing and really wakens up the eye area. I find it also reduces eye bags which is awesome. It is quite light though, so you may want to layer the Wrinkle Cream over if your eyes are very dry. For the full review, check out Eli's post.

Wrinkle Cream
Does this help with wrinkles? I honestly don't know but I certainly hope it works as a preventative measure! Natio is an Australian brand that promises natural ingredients and this eye cream containes chamomile, cornflower, aloe, almond, apricot, jojoba and wheatgerm. Quite a list huh?

Although it claims to be from the Aromatherapy line, it doesn't smell scented - just very slightly sweet.

It's not heavy, but is a very light refreshing cream. I find it moisturising enough, but if you prefer very rich eye creams perhaps this isn't the best for you. Regular use has seen my dark undereye circles grow less prominent - despite less sleep! No promises though, they're not gone, I just think my eye area looks happier. =)

I also find my eye bags have been reduced. It also doesn't do anything bad, no milia, no bad reactions and no dry skin.

At RM44 per huge tube of 35ml (most eye creams are at most 15 ml), it's definitely worth it. One tube will last forever and I find it comparable to most expensive light eye creams.


The Undercover Gypsy said...

I completely agree - eye creams are this nebulous things that can sometimes make us feel like we're falling for a marketing gimmeick, aren't they, especially since we're inundated with the rubbish ones that don't work...
You know, I never would have given the Natio counter a second look if it hadn't been for you ladies...now I can check this out once I run of my usuals.
My favourites have been the Olay eye creams (the total effects cream and the age defying gel, both in pots).

Syen said...

I got both tubes too after you got yours. I, too, feel that it's sometimes kinda hard to review eye creams as it's hard to say how well they work unless it's miraculously obvious. But so far liking it very much. My night cream is used regularly, but my day gel is screaming neglect. I don't really have time in the morning to be slapping on eye-gel. Ah well... I will try harder. LOL.

Eli said...

Natio Treatment Gel! It's still one of my favourite wakeup treatments.

Anti wrinkle cream said...

Thank you for this great review.

Eye Cream Reviews said...

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i like non irritating products since I am kinda allergic to some products. Especially on some sensitive areas of my face

John Dudley said...

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