April 27, 2010

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Raspberry and Summer Sunset

Maybelline hit a winner with this range, no doubt about it. So Loverly was lucky enough to be contacted by their PR firm to test out four colours. Syen picked out Pink Bloom, Eli Buff and I got Summer Sunset which I'd coveted all along. Whee!

Papaya Milk proved to be an odd colour though, looking orangish in the tube and FUSCHIA on me (mysterious aye?). Now here comes the embarrassing bit, I've misplaced it. I know I slipped it into one handbag or another and now for the life of me I can't find it.

Raspberry was such an interesting pink I bought it for myself - Guardian has an offer on the lippies so they're currently selling for RM19.80, who could resist?

Make no mistake about it, these lippies are crazy pigmented. One swipe gives you full on, weightless colour. Despite the word moisture in the name though, the formula isn't very cushioney. Meaning, unless you apply it over a thick lip balm, it won't go on evenly and will show all your liplines and dry skin. So a base of lipbalm is necessary!

Raspberry is a bright warm pink (brighter than this night time pic does it justice) that reminds me of Benefit's Posietint. The warmth in it stops it from turning fuschia and makes it quite flattering for Chinese skintones. So although it's quite a bright shade I find it doesn't look harsh or plastic on - when paired with the right blush.

Summer Sunset
This classy, warm and deep red belongs to a much pricier lippie! It applies more smoothly than Raspberry, lasts longer, doesn't bleed or feather, is just glossy enough and is incredibly pigmented. It also manages to be that shade of classic red that isn't bloody, orange or clownish. Love it and can't wait to wear it for a glamorous night out.

With a huge range of shades this line is a great release by Maybelline. Has anyone else tried shades that aren't part of the four given out by Maybelline for review? I'm keen to check out other shades. ;) They normally retail for RM24.90 which is a great price, but I believe Guardian is still selling them at discount.


Askmewhats said...

GIRL GIRL GIRL! I am using this RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT starting last week and it did not leave my makeup kit ever since, I love how moisturizing it is and my favorite color is BONBON PINK! I'm checking myself in the mirror now.. VAIN! LOL

The Undercover Gypsy said...

It's funny how each skin tone absorbs and reflects different shades in make up, isn't it? A lot of almost crazy fuchsia lippies turn up looking a respectable burgundy-ish on my skin....

This post reminded me of how much I've neglected the Maybelline counter the last couple of months as I have only a couple of the old moisture extreme lipsticks rolling around somewhere, so thanks for the reminder :)

Connie De Alwis said...

You so rocked Summer Sunset! I'm still bummed that they didn't bring in any nude colors likes the ones they have in the US :(

xin said...

wow O_O summer sunset!!! it looks so much better on you then on me!

Gift said...

Hey...I've just discovered this blog and it's so cute :).

We've had color sensational in the uk since last winter... I love Hollywood Red (no 540)...it's a lovely brick red but goes on quite bright. lovely for spring

Kahani said...

Nikki! HAHAHA swatch and review it babe so I can see what BonBon Pink is like!

Gypsy: Yes it is. Thing is, I'm yellow toned so you'd think I'd warm up colours not fuschia-rise them!

Xin: It's just in your head lah. But gosh I love that colour! Papaya Milk & Pink Bloom looked so nice on you.

Gift: Thankee! In M'sia they mooshed two lines together so the shades here aren't precisely the same I think. Still I do believe I saw a Hollywood Red out there, so glam!

Meldee said...

Wants it! Now! Aaaaaah.

Eli said...

Raspberry looks great! It's a pity they don't have the nude shades here. I am in the mood for nude and don't have any nude lippie.

Buff came off as being quite brown on me but that's a pic for another day...

Jyoan said...

I bought Pink Petal! It's really good. Mad good. Loverly good. I am wowed by Maybelline. Super pigmented, really nice turnout, not drying without lipbalm. Love it love it. And I thought Watershine Pure is good. haha. Colour Sensational is indeed as good as the claims on their packaging.

However, Pink Petal is a sort of rose mild mild fuschia that is yellow undertoned. Doesn't really looks good with my skin. Haiz. Thinking of giving it away, maybe exchange on forums. haha.