April 26, 2010

Monday's Beauty Roundup: April, 2010

Helloooo lovelies!

It's yet another Monday, which I hope is the start of a great week ahead for everyone. How was your weekend? Mine was quite eventful with travel planning, catching up with some friends and celebrating a dear aunt's birthday.

Anyway, here's what some of my blogging sistas have been kept busy with in April!

And now, just a little something to share with you girls after the jump.

My current bag-staple. A medium size brown Dotti tote I picked up in Oz early last year. Got it at such a bargain at a DFO - AU$10! I just love the braid detailing. Only slight prob is that it gets heated up super (duper) quick. Weird.

AND I finally put that bag organiser (a gift from Kahani) to good use! Thanks dearie! While it doesn't look big at all, this bag can surprisingly store A LOT. It's my work and weekend bag, so everything goes into it: purse, mobile phone, makeup bags, lipstick pouch, lipbalm stash, pens, notepad and voice recorder (tools of the trade), migraine and sinus pills, keys, moisturisers, card holder, hairclips, tissue paper, and a rolled up pashmina too!

Seriously loving how neat my bag is now. Awesome!


The Undercover Gypsy said...

Oh that's such a pretty bag! It seems to be throwing a shade of olive too...and I totally understand what you mean - I have a couple of bags that can sometimes heat up my water bottles in a jiffy if I'm out all day. Yikes.
And I loved that you said make up bags, in the plural ;) Again, I get it. My family is always horrified by the amount of "beauty essentials" I lug around on a daily basis...lol...

Petra said...

What a lovely organiser. Where did Emily get it?

Kahani said...

Petra: Here!

Tine said...

The bag's so cute! And at a tenner, it's a steal :)

Syen said...

Oops! Sorry for the uber late reply girls.

Gypsy: It is kinda pretty, but wonderfully functional. Now that I have an organiser in there, it's even more functional. LOL. This one heats up in like 10 minutes, and it can get so hot, I can't even rest my arm on it. Not exactly ideal for Msian weather. Gah.

Tine: Hello you!!! =D Yeah, I think so too. =)