April 14, 2010

Review: My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

Heck if I know what "polyphenol" means but I finally gave the My Beauty Diary masks a go and I gotta say that I am really impressed.

If you have not heard of the My Beauty Diary (MBD) masks (seriously, what rock have you been hiding under?), they are an immensely popular sheet mask brand from Taiwan. I am not sure how many types there are -- I think the number comes up to over 20 -- but they do have some interesting sorts such as natto and sake.

Anyway, I picked up a box of 10 in Apple at a mini Guardian warehouse sale for RM39.90 (normal retail price being RM49.90) some weeks ago. Black Pearl was sold out and I wasn't in the mood for Mixed Berries or Cherry Blossom extracts. Plus, the Apple MBD mask claimed to be the best for tackling that bane of my life: open pores.

I am not the type who goes gaga over face masks, especially sheet masks, but this really has done me in. I have never used a face mask which brightens and moisturises this well before. My older sister also made an off-hand comment that my pores seemed to be smaller of late. This coming from my sister... Well, it has to be the truth.

Another thing I like about this mask is that it isn't sticky or strongly scented at all. Most sheet masks leave this awful sticky residue on the skin which I end up washing off lest it dries into a weird film on my face. MBD seems to sink quite quickly into my skin without any residue, leaving me free to seal in the essence with some moisturiser.

The shape of the mask is quite big so I imagine that it should be able to fit most facial shapes without much problems. I found it a bit large but it wasn't anything some folding couldn't handle.

Would I repurchase? Ooh, yes. But in different variaties, I think. I am quite keen to try out Black Pearl, Natto, Sake and Rice.

Does anyone have any other recommendations?


Askmewhats said...

You're right MBD masks are super famous! Lucky company!!! WE don't have it down here but thanks to Xin, i was able to try the apple version and what I can say is..it's definitely more wet than regular paper masks I've tried!

Jenn said...

I really liked most of their masks (especially those from their platinum range!)! Unfortunately there's too many fakes in the market, and i'm paranoid about unintentionally buying fake ones and (God forbid) putting them on my face!!!

Looks like guardian is our only choice for now... i only wish that they didn't jack up the prices so much!

Connie De Alwis said...

for your skin you can probably go for Black Pearl, Yogurt and Belgian Rose. Cooling's awesome too. The boyfriend likes that one and he's anti-skincare!

Sake, Mixed Berry, rice and lavender are my faves. Great for dry and sensitive skin

Anonymous said...

10 sheets for RM39.90.. hm you can try ordering at www.koreabb.com.sg. I think the price should be better even after factoring in shipping costs. I ordered there before and the service was great!

anyway, keep up the good job with this blog, i visit daily :)


Su Ann said...

I love the Red Wine one. Really brightens and firms the face!

Eli said...

Nikki: Maybe you should gather the other Pinay beauties to petition your local shops to bring these masks in. ;)

Jenn: *nods vigorously* One reason why it took me so long to get around to buying these was because I was worried about getting fakes. I got lucky when I stumbled across this Guardian sale.

Connie: I should try and get my hands on the Cooling masks before I head to KK this Sunday. The weather is unbelievably hot there at the moment.

Mandy: Thanks for the tip! Are you based in Singapore or Malaysia?

Su Ann: sounds like I should get red wine for my mother instead. ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm in singapore :)

Anonymous said...

seriously Guardian jack up the price too much. even after the discount, it is still pricey.

there are a lot of vendors who sells this mask on Lowyat Forums. around RM2.80-RM3.20 per piece.

if you're afraid of fakes like me, just look around the forum little bit and order from those with good reputation. these sellers usually have stable customers and good comments. i can recommend one if you would like to.