April 14, 2010

Spotted: Ecotool Lookalikes

When I first spotted these last week, I thought I was seeing things.

"Since when," I mumbled to myself, "did Ecotools come to town?"

Then I realised that "FenLing" was stamped all over the packaging and handles. They may look like Ecotools brushes and are packaged like Ecotools but these are not Ecotools.

Or so they claim.

I didn't buy them but if you feel like checking out these Ecotools lookalikes, the 5 piece brush set is selling for RM29.90 and the handled kabuki sells for RM16.90. I have only seen these at the Jusco pharmacy in Midvalley though so don't bother searching Guardian, Watsons or Sasa for them.

And if you do get them, don't forget to report back to us at So Loverly. ;)


Paris B said...

Well Ecotools brushes must be made somewhere - why not China :P And at a cheaper price too compared to Ecotools (here anyway) Good eye Eli!

Kahani said...

Ecotools is in town babe, in Shins at twice the US price.

Hmm the brushes look similar and the packaging is a direct rip off. But the brushes in the set aren't quiiittee identical. Still ya can't go wrong with a nice big fluffy powder brush! May pick it up and if it's good, gift it to a friend.

Connie De Alwis said...

I would never have ventured into Jusco's pharmacy so thanks, Eli! Imma go check it out tomorrow :p And I'll probably just grab something to see how it compares. I do have pretty good synthetic brushes that have some china brands on them

Syen said...

Ah. Was about to tell you Ecotools IS in town but crazy $$$. But Kahani's already said that. Anyway, that lone brush looks like a nice potential for a blush brush too. LOL. May check it out if I'm in Midvalley.

Tine said...

A lot of makeup brushes are made at the same company in China or Thailand and other companies OEM them. I won't be surprised if the FenLing and EcoTools were from the same company :P

LyNn said...

what an interesting find!
wonders if anyone is gonna do a nice comparison since i wont be able to do that
dont have ecotools in the first place, no yardstick :P

Eli said...

ParisB & Tine: Kahani suggested that as well when I told her and Syen about it.

Kahani: Ouchie. What a rip off.

The description of the FenLing brush set is almost exactly the same as the Ecotools mineral brush set.

Connie: I don't usually venture into Jusco pharmacies myself but it seems like I wandered in there for a reason. ;)

Syen: LOL. My thoughts exactly. I thought of picking it up for a blush brush but economy prevailed. =P

Lynn: You can always go ahead and buy it to review on its own, y'know..

stephanie said...

Hi there, I've just stumbled upon your blog. I bought a FenLing retractable kabuki brush yesterday, and it seems pretty good. It was dense and the bristles are smooth.

I didn't see any of those Ecotools look-alike here (I'm from Indonesia) but will look for it the next time I hit the mall.

Please blog about it if you decide to get one of those FenLing brushes.