May 12, 2010

My Take on Maybelline Colour Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipcolour

When Kahani buzzed told us that Maybelline was sending us lipsticks from their Colour Sensational Moisture Extreme range, I wasn't too thrilled. I had a Maybelline lippie in the old Moisture Extreme formula and hated it. The lipstick went on unevenly and left my lips feeling cracked and dry.

Happily, the new formula is a vast improvement on the old one. The colour is rich, the lippie goes on smoothly and while it isn't as moisturising (easily dealt with some lipbalm underneath) or as long-lasting as I would like it to be , it isn't half bad. Maybelline has a winner with this range.

Read on for swatches of the two lippies I got!

Buff is the swatch on top while Coral Pink is below. I got that much colour with one swipe, by the way.

Buff fell to my share to review. At first glance (or swatch), the colour seemed great for my skin tone. Once I applied it at home though, I realised that the colour was too dark and brown for me. Not a usable shade since I don't have a Lipstick Anger Index like big sister (more on that one day). I did fall in love with the formula though and ended up buying Coral Pink for every day use.

Although Coral Pink seems to be on the coral pink side in the swatch (look, there's no other way to describe the colour), it comes off as having a slightly mauve tint on my lips. A very interesting colour which I find great for pairing with some bronzer and mauve eyeshadow. I had to slap my cousins' hands away from my tube of Coral Pink once I was done applying it.

Now, I tried taking pictures of myself wearing both lippies but it looked as if I was wearing the same lippie in all the pictures. *shakes head* Maybe it's the morning sun in my room or I need to wake up an hour earlier to catch the right light. I'll taking another picture this week and will update this post if the pictures come out great.

I wish that the Colour Sensational range had more nude shades for my skin tone. All of the shades under the Elegant Nudes group are way too brown for me.

Otherwise, not too bad for RM24.90, don't you think?


The Undercover Gypsy said...

The swatches really do show the colour payoff, don't they? Now between the new Revlon colourburst lippies and these Maybelline ones, I want to collect them all!

But the one thing I wish Maybelline had done was given us the sexy new packaging that North America got - I'm a bit of a magpie and the old packaging is getting a bit boring for me.

AskMeWhats said...

I love this! I seriously do! I own one of each color line (reds, oranges, pinks and nudes) :)

domncroxd said...

I remember getting samples on these last time and they are really nice! The lasting power isn't that great though as I'm constantly licking my lips/drinking water/eating.

plue said...

and I thought I was the only one who hated the old formula! i used to have coral pink in the old formula :P

but am so glad they revamp the formula cuz it's much likeable now!

april said...

Oh yes I was hoping for nude colours in this range and I find the nude range too dark to be truly nude too. The old moisture extreme version used to have it (I think), I wonder why it was discontinued.

Eli said...

Undercover Gypsy: US gets a diff packaging? I didn't know!

Nikki: These lippies sure do get a big thumbs up from you!

domncroxd: Yeah, the only thing lacking is better staying power. The colour wears off immediately after drinking.

Plue: ^5! I am glad I am not alone in disliking the old formula. The new version is lovely.

April: Yeah, I find the nude shades too brown to be nude. Guess we will have to wait for the next revamp?

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Hey Eli! Here you go:

Look at the pretty jewel-toned packaging...