May 11, 2010

Dove Go Fresh Spray On Deodorant in Grapefruit & Lemongrass

While not quite the unmitigated disaster that the roll-on version was, this failed to impress and I won't be repurchasing. However, I've never been a fan of spray-ons so if you are maybe you'll like this as online reviews in general are quite positive.

The Good
It does smell nice, not as tangy or grapefruity as I'd like but still quite fresh, the scent lasts all day but isn't so strong that it'll get on your nerves. It is strong enough to interfere with your perfume though so pair it with bright citrus scents.

Once it dries down it keeps your underarms dry and fresh giving out only slightly on a visit to the gym.

The Bad
The bit that annoys me most is that it doesn't spray evenly or invisibly. Sometimes it goes on so thickly, even when held at a distance, that it cakes up in a thick white layer that flakes off! Argh!

Also, like most spray ons it takes awhile to dry down which is always annoying.

Finally, it seems that Rexona Skin Lightening dry stick deodorant really does lighten! When I switched to this my left underarm developed a slight discolouration. Like patchy freckles. I immediately switched back to Rexona and in a week the discolouration is barely noticeable. I have no idea what caused it but at least there's a cure!

Grapefruit or no grapefruit I won't be repurchasing. BUT if they bring in the drystick version, at the same pricepoint of about RM12, I'll probably cave and buy it!


Askmewhats said...

I have yet to try spray on deodorant, I do have a feeling its going to be sticky!!! I am not really that adventurous when it comes to deodorant :D

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Yeah, I share your sentiments reg. deo sprays, they never seem to have much staying power - also, they remind me of high school, a time when they were most popular...hmm...I wonder why...
On a related note, I've been wanting to try the Tom's of Maine range of deodorant sticks, want to see how they compare to my usual aluminium chlorohydrate laden fare :D