May 25, 2010

Review: Johnson's Body Care Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion

With a name like "melt away stress" this lotion is an irressistable purchase on a bad day if only in wistful hope that it will work.scented with chamomile and lavender it's still a Johnson's baby scent. Faintly powdery, clean and sweet smelling. So, does it work?

It could be pure marketing, but I think it does! I initially kept it on my desk as a hand and multipurpose lotion but found it was so relaxing it popped me into a happy coma. So I swapped it for the pink version of the lotion, which is lighter and fresher in scent and texture. (It's awsome btw, consider this a mini review. :P )

While Melt Away Stress is sweet and warm scented and sports a heavier formula, I found it useable even in the recent crazy hot weather we've been having as it's not too heavy nor too cloying. When used before bed my skin is smooth and moisturised the next day without stickiness.

For RM4.99 per 100ml bottle there's really no reason why you shouldn't give at least one of Johnson's latest range of body lotions a try.


The Undercover Gypsy said...

Thanks for the rec! I've used the pink lotion too! And loved it, so no reason why I won't like this, right?
Also, does this have a too strong lavender fragrance?

plue said...

thanks for the mini review, i have been wanting to buy this cuz i felt like it'll be a good stress remover, as johnson got this amazing smell, but put off due to the fact i got tonnes of lotions :P

jeez, i think i need one for days i can't sleep!

rinnah said...

I got the pink one! And it does smell lovely... I keep it in my bag as a multi-purpose lotion. Hehe.

Foong Jin said...

I bought the 100ml version because I was suckered by the "melt away stress daily calming lotion" tagline too. :P At first, the scent was just ok for me, but it grew on me so I bought the full sized bottle to keep at home :P

Will take a sniff at the Pink one soon! What variant is that? Whitening?


Kahani said...

Morning ladies, sorry for the missing details.

Gypsy: Not at all. More warm, undertones of vanilla (not so that it screams VANILLA, more like a whisper) and a floral overtone that COULD be lavender if you're told it is. Otherwise it's just a cuddly scent.

Plue: Hahaha don't forget though, I'm highly suggestable. A good name will get me anytime.

Rinnah: It is so fresh and fun right?

Foong Jin: The Pink one is the "24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion" sort of the general all-purpose one.

Paris B said...

Am very bad with using body lotions but I tend to be a little kinder to J&J simply because it reminds me of baby lotions - weird I know :P been trying to see if the UV one compares to my staple Nivea.

Connie De Alwis said...

I'll look out for this one! My bag lacks a little bottle of lotion :)

@DdY said...

i almost drifted to sleep when i smelled this at watsons. no kidding!