May 26, 2010

Wonder Product: Cetaphil for the Face, Body and... Hair?

My hair has been going through a rough patch lately. I took it off the no-poo, conditioner-wash routine as there are no affordable 'cone-free hair products on the Malaysian market (would you believe that the L'oreal Elvive and Elseve lines use different ingredients?) and all that chlorine from the swimming pool is drying out my hair dreadfully. On top of that, the humidity here is making my curls look limp and lifeless. My hair can't decide if it wants to look like a poof ball or a piece of wilted veggie.

If I didn't know better, I would say that my hair is sulking and throwing a fit at me.

It was desperation which made me reach out for Cetaphil instead of shampoo yesterday. My roots have been pretty oily lately and while Johnson's head to toe shampoo does a decent job, it does leave my poor scalp feeling itchy. If Cetaphil was gentle for the whole body, I figured it would be gentle enough on my poor scalp and hair.

I used a couple of squirts and made sure that my roots were mostly covered with Cetaphil before I started gently working into my scalp and out towards the ends. Then I left it on my head for a while before rinsing it out and letting it air-dry as usual.

Voila! Soft, managable hair with enough volume. Better yet, my waves were back and all I had to do was some finger twirling to make it perfect.

There is a wee bit of roughness but that's probably because I didn't use any conditioner. I have a feeling that I will have to use less conditioner than usual to make my hair silkier.

I know that Cetaphil is a bit pricey for shampoo but since it takes me over 6 months to finish a bottle, I figured that a bottle of Cetaphil would now last me over 3 months for my face and hair. RM35+ isn't too high a price to pay for nice hair and less clutter in my bathroom. =P

Cetaphil. Good for the skin and great hair days. It has been a while since my hair looked this pretty.


rinnah said...

Interesting! I'll bear that in ,imd if ever I need to fall back on reliable ol' Cetaphil in a pinch. :)

Connie De Alwis said...

awesome discovery! Now, if only Cetaphil can cure the common flu...

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Do you know, I could have written the first paragraph, exactly down to the last word? Humidity and curly-wavy hair never go together, and now with this weird see-sawing weather, my poor hair is confused, and not shy to make its opinions known!
So, thanks for the Cetaphil tip - I'll definitely try it out, what's there to lose, right? I think this ranks up there with the tip of using Clinique's DDML as a leave-in conditioner (trufax! it really works to tame the tresses!). Since it never works on my skin, all my little tubes of the DDML samples are stashed away for my hair :D

kuri said...

Interesting! I may try this, as a lot of Japanese shampoos leave my scalp feeling itchy.
For now I'm using some Avalon Organics Tea Tree Shampoo, but it's not really available locally.

Kahani said...

Tee hee you had me with the bunny. HAHAHAHA

Eli said...

Rinnah: Always welcome!

Connie: LOL. Try dosing yourself and telling me results after.

Undercover Gypsy: DDM as a leave-in? Brilliant idea! I use my Hada Labo moisturiser as a leave in while travelling =P

Kuri: I saw Avalon Organics in my local organic shop. They only had the small bottles though.

Kahani: *chortles* I have been keeping that pic for ages. Finally found a chance to use it.

Anonymous said...

Cetaphil® DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion can be rapidly absorbed into the skin to provide fast relieve and immediate moisturisation. As such, Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion is a balm to patients with very dry and itchy skin.

Detail here:

Anonymous said...

I use cetaphil soap and lotion and face moisturizer. Havent used the shampoo yet it says that it doesnt need a conditioner? Have you found the shampoo to be enough for your hair without conditioner.

Aisha Ashraf said...

Hi.. i use cetaphil moisturizing lotion for my face.. which product u use for ur hair? My hair condition is dry and falling 😓