July 28, 2010

Guest Review: Baaa Baaa Black Sheep Placenta Pills

When someone I knew mentioned that she was taking sheep placenta pills for her skin, I had to ask her to write a guest review. 

The Gaudy Goddess writes:

Having just touched the age of 38 and am marching on to my middle aged years, what more can I hope for, short of going under the knife? I have no fear of surgery and pain especially it is to enhance one's looks. 

There's only one factor that terrifies me about the whole surgery thing: that I would look like I did go under the knife. For that reason, I eschew botox and fillers too. I don't want to end up with a candle wax face and trout lips!!!!

So, I looked at a solution to enhance from inside. People are trying collagen, Coq10, stem cells and sheep placenta.

Any beauty and anti-aging junkie worth his or her salt would have heard about the above mentioned. So which do I choose?
Popping into my medical aesthetician's clinic one day, I spied a pack of sheep placenta pills for sale. Actually, two different types of packs. I had made an appointment to go for one of my stem cell-type facial treatments that uses your blood (great stuff, it makes your skin glow and taut for about two weeks). The lovely girls at the clinic (yup they are all pretty!) explained to me about the two different packs. One is from New Zealand, 3 months supply for RM500+ and the other from Switzerland, RM499 for one month's supply. They recommended that I take the NZ one which has an additive of grape seed oil.

One of the girls was taking it. She said that it improved her complexion by shrinking her pores, lightening the undereye circles and alleaviating PMS problems. She said to take it only if you're 25 and above. They also recommended that I take 2 a day for 2 weeks then once daily after that. 

I thought, OK, it's not too expensive if you are a beauty junkie! 

Then she added, oh it's quite heaty. 

Aha, warning signs. I know I am the heaty sort.

Not heeding her advice, I went home, popped one pill and in 2 hours, I felt thirsty, like crazy, stuck in the desert thirsty. I downed half a liter of water in one sitting. In 3 hours I must have downed 1.5 litres of water. The thirst felt akin to eating too much of MSG. No kidding.

12 days later, under the harsh flourescent light of my bedside lamp, I looked up close into the mirror. The pores near my nose had shrunk. The pores on my usually oily nose had also shrunk -- the pores are usually gapingly huge and stuffed with oil and blackheads which I need to evacuate about every 2 days. Not even Fraxel laser managed to close up my pores.

I am very fair with pigmentation. The sheep placenta pills claim to be able to get rid of it so I'll wait and see. So far though, my skin seems to be fairer and more consistent in colour. My dark circles also look like they have lightened up.
I don't know if it's because I have started being more conscientious about applying my makeup but my eyeliner now stays on without smudging and my face doesn't eat up the blusher. My makeup stays on the whole day and looks fresh too.

As for side effects, I don't know if it was coincidental but besides the constant thirst, I also developed dryness in my vagina (and I am always very moist and healthy there, even pre and post-menses). During my first menstrual cycle after taking the pills, my period was smooth sailing. Not much pain in the breasts, not as much bloating and the flow was quite light in comparison. I am one of those "blobbers". 

I heard from a friend that one of her friends developed BO (body odour) while taking sheep placenta pills. Not surprising as it is heaty. So far, I just feel thirsty.

I am now taking it every 2-3 days -- the effects may be slower but I don't think I want to live with dryness in my vagina. Still checking on my armpits to see if I have developed BO. For people who are worried about heatiness, do a trial run before committing to the treatment.

Would I recommend it? I guess this will have to depend on what you are willing to do for beauty.


~Lisa said...

How interesting....


rinnah said...

Wow, I don't think I could live with the 'heatiness' factor. As it is, sometimes an overdose of caffeine is enough to make me feel heaty and as though I'm burning up through my skin. :(

p.s. I wonder how I will ever survive menopause? >.<

Foong Jin said...

The effects on the skin sounds really good, but how safe are the pills? After all the recent scare about beauty/diet pills, I'm very wary to take anything that is not "conventional". :(

aiwei said...

If i have the money, I think I will take one haha.Woman never tired of getting prettier. But I think pores and oiliness, AHA and salicylic acid both work really well too. At least really great on my skin.

Eli said...

I think that it should be ok to take as NZ is pretty stringent on safety testing for their products.

Rinnah: Hopefully you aren't one of those who get hot flushes come menopause. But I would take hot flushes over violent mood swings. I know a woman who kicked her husband out of bed while she was going through menopause because she couldn't stand the smell of his shampoo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaudy Goddess here! OK, it's cool, so far so good, my vaginal dryness has gone and am back to normal. No bad side effects but people who are acne prone may want to be careful too. After not having had a pimple for 8 years, I just developed one! No BO as yet :-)

Jadelyn said...

hi, care to share the brand of plasenta you are consuming, and where I may purchase it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eli, I'm also interested. May I know what is the brand & where can I purchase it? Tx

Cheapest Sheep Placenta said...

i am taking too, got it from extremewellnessgroup

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm really tempting to try this sheep placenta thingy. I'll turn 46 this year and I hate my face texture. am keeping my fingers cross ;)

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Anonymous said...

This Celllabs sheep placenta way overpriced and not really that effective. Very heaty too and causes breakout. I tried a NZ brand purchased online much cheaper n results are better.. skin glowing, no breakout.

Unknown said...

I have been taking DG2 Sheep placenta softgel for 3 years now, never experience heatiness or any side effect with it, results are very good too!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I m just started to take it. I got the same experience like you, feel thirsty and I suspected the outside food has putting too much of MSG that make me thirst all the time. Now I m relief after read your post.

Anonymous said...

Am taking sheep placenta...age 47 but many people think am only 43. Am look younger than my age. That's what people says when they meet me. Thanks to that sheep placenta product.