July 20, 2010


I've been eyeing this lotion since I spotted it in Hong Kong, but it just never came to Malaysia. When I spotted it in a Guardian in Singapore for only $1.95 (for 50ml) I snapped it up. Btw, don't you LOVE travel size samples? How I wish all skincare products had them.

Why this hasn't turned up here is a puzzler. I mean, light citrus scented lotions are perfect for our hot weather, aren't they?

For once, it's a Nivea lotion that doesn't SMELL like a Nivea lotion (one of my pet peeves with Nivea lotions in general. Pardon the redundancy). It smells like a sweet citrus with vanilla undertones. Not too bad actually... I'd perfer a brighter citrus but then again I am an insane citrus addict.

I was under the impression that it was a light lotion but in actually it's quite rich. It's not watery or gel like but it sinks in fast and isn't the least greasy. I'd describe it as creamy. It's nicely moisturising and heavy enough to function as a light handcream to tote around in my handbag.

Would I repurchase? Not in fullsize I think, my curiosity is satisfied and the initial happy smell doesn't last. But it's a perfectly decent lotion and I may pick up another adorable, tiny bottle for on-the-go.


rinnah said...

So agreed with you that all skincare products should come in travel size samples so that we have to fork out less $$ to decide if we love/hate a product! :D

AskMeWhats said...

Agree too! I was able to gauge on which products to repurchase because of sample sizes!

~Lisa said...

I love travel sized products too! Soo mini and cute! XD

And I remember seeing this in Canada, I believe! Not sure if I've seen it in full size, but I got a free sample last time when they were handing them out somewhere. LOL


Paris B said...

I love travel sized products! But I must confess to liking the smell of nivea lotions - at least the whitening one. I don't use it for its whitening benefits, but I think its a great body lotion and the only one I would use up over and over.

Kahani said...

Rinnah & Nikki: Annoyingly most countries have a counter full of tiny sized products... not us though!

You know I've often considered toting empty jars around to squirt the tester bottles into. Is that too much?

Lisa: AANNNDDD free samples here are few and far between. YARGH!

PB: oh yeah I remember you writing that. I just can't stand the Nivea smell anymore. not sure when I got turned off...