July 21, 2010

Review: Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream

We are pretty big Himalaya Herbals fans here. From their Neem face pack to their facial cleansers. So, when I found myself broke and in a hurry to travel somewhere a few years ago, I reached out for the cheapest and least dodgy moisturiser I could find in Guardian. If HH masks and cleansers worked, why not their moisturisers?

It took me 3 weeks to realise that this cream is meant for the body, not the face -- with a name like "Nourishing Skin Cream", who would have guessed? It worked just as well though. I have been using it ever since whenever my skin is in a bad spot and I have to go back to the basic wash - tone - moisturise routine.

The texture of the cream is fairly thick but don't let this scare you off. Just massage it in and you will find that the cream sinks in pretty quickly. Depending on how dry your skin is (mine currently wavers between oily and normal), it should not leave too much of an oil slick on your face.

This nourishing cream is no miracle product and doesn't promise to get rid of freckles, pimples or fight UV rays. It does deliver in the moisturising department and helps to sooth my angry, blemished skin without adding to the breakouts. I am not sure if it is the aloe vera, winter cherry or kino tree extract which helps with my breakouts but this works beautifully as a basic moisturiser for both day and night. I usually slather on a slightly thicker layer at night and wake up with refreshed skin. If this method is too thick for you, try using it only at night.

Some people may not like the jar type packaging but it doesn't bother me as I find it easier to scoop the cream out into smaller containers for travelling. No way am I bringing H2O Face Oasis in the jungle with me!

My only grouse so far is that they don't bring the larger 150 g or 250 g jars into Malaysia. I would definitely purchase a larger jar if it was available.

I can't remember the price but I think it's around RM 21 or RM 27 (wide margin, my bad) for 50 grams. I have my eye on the new day and night Himalaya Herbal creams but I am going to wait until my skin calms down and I finish all my skincare products.

Have you tried any other Himalaya Herbal products? Share!


Anonymous said...

I used their Neem cleanser for face. I had acne and whiteheads often. After I used the cleanser for about 2 months, my acne and whiteheads were and still are gone. I don't use it myself now. I have recommended it to my nephew and friends for their spots and they have also seen a reduction in their pimples.

~Lisa said...

Haha, I agree. With that name, I would have used it on my face too!


Syen said...

Himalaya Herbals was my fave brand for a long, long while. And I still love a few of their products. Their Neem Face Pack is a staple in my stash. =)

Eli said...

Annoymous: I tried the Neem cleanser before. Too harsh for my skin but some of my friends swear by it.

~Lisa: Phew, glad to know that I am not the only blur ne around.

Syen: I want to give their cream cleanser a go as well. Huhu.

Connie De Alwis said...

I went through 2 jars of this back when I had no money (rather, not willing to) to buy cosmetics. But to be honest, if I had to choose drugstore brand moisturizer, I'd still consider this one because I'm not too comfortable with the ones with loads of fragrance and alcohol, especially when my eczema flares up.