July 15, 2010

Mmm.. Dove Go Fresh in Splash: Nectarine & White Ginger

Yet another great little item they DON'T bring into Malaysia!

Far more richly scented than its Grapefruit and Lemongrass counterpart (which I love) this thick creamy peach-coloured gel is absolutely delicious. I was afraid I wouldn't like it at first because I'm not fond of the scent of ginger (reminds me of fish everytime) but no fear! What you smell is pure delicious fresh Nectarine / Apricot / Peach. There is a added hint of spice which must be the ginger.

The scent lingers faintly for a bit on your skin and hangs around a LONG time in your bathroom. Everytime I walk past after a shower I catch myself sniffing happily.

This also appears to be richer in lather and more moisturising than the grapefruit variety.

I picked up this smaller 200ml bottle for only SGD$1.95 at a Guardian in Singapore - they seem to be having a promotion. I think at full price it's stll only $4. I wish there was an intermediate size between this one and great-big-whacking bottle to make for easier smuggling over the border. OR that they brought it into Malaysia. WHY don't they? I don't think Malaysians have an aversion to Peach scents! Gah!


Syen said...

It smells wonderful! Can't wait to get my hands on it! =)

Eli said...

I was actually thinking of getting this for you in Australia. They had a promotion giftbag thing containing the bodywash, deodorant and something else but I wasn't sure if peach was your thing and whether we could get this in Malaysia.