July 14, 2010

Review: Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On

I know that this product came out yonks ago but seeing how I just picked it up 2 months ago and it has yet to be reviewed... Why not?

Formalities first: the magic ingredient is caffeine (great for eyebags, they say) and the major selling point for this product is metal rolling ball applicator. No need for fingers, just roll away!

While the applicator had me going "ooh" and giggling with fascinated glee at first, the novelty wore off after a few days and I started focusing on the actual product itself.

Which doesn't really deliver. After 2 months, there is no noticeable difference about my dark eye circles and definitely no change in the 2 wrinkles under my eyes.

If you want a nice, lightweight moisturiser or like the feel of something cool on puffy eyes in the morning, then maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe you can give this a go. Otherwise, I don't recommend this. After all, if I wanted something cold on my eyes in the a.m., I could go grab a metal spoon instead. Plus, my dear old Natio eye gel does a very much better job at depuffing and decreasing my dark circles.

A definite no-go for me.


The Undercover Gypsy said...

Completely agree - while it is nice to have something refreshingly cool to apply in the under eye area on a humid day, this just does not seem to be doing anything else.
I wonder how the tinted version fares, but it's so unfortunate that it's not available here, yet.

rinnah said...

Same here... I picked up the yellow tube version (I think it's the lightening one) and while it is cool and gimmicky, it did natch for my dark eye circles. Never again! :)

xin said...

i had the yellow one too. it didnt nothing for me either. but at least i had fun using it

Paris B said...

2nd Xin - I think this is just a fun product. If you have serious serious bags, it helps deflate it ever so slightly but its not something to cure dark circles IMO

AskMeWhats said...

we don't have this variant down here, thanks for the review, my mom in law loves the original one! :)

Eli said...

Undercover Gypsy: I saw the tinted version in Australia but didn't bother getting it. I need industrial strength concealer.

Rinnah & Xin: Yeah... It was fun for a while but doesn't work for the long term. Lol, I think I have used that line on dates.

ParisB: You are right. It does deflate a leetle bit but my Natio does a better job.

Nikki: The green version was the first one to launch in the US, Europe and Australia/NZ. All of us in Asia got the yellow version first (was it lemon) and then the green one. Maybe it'll come to the Philippines soon. =)