August 19, 2010

Budget Beauty: Daiso "Italy Towel" Scrubby Glove

For an RM5 item, this bath glove is truly multinational. It's bought in a Japanese franchise shop in Malaysia, claims to be Korean Beauty and resembles the Italy Towel. I'd been curious about the Italy Towel since Eli's review and when I saw the pattern on this glove and the "Korean Beauty" claim, I snapped it up. I believe, even though I've never handled an Italy Towel that it is much the same thing.

Now, I know you girls, Syen in particular, love your luxuriously creamy, grainy and gorgeously scented body scrubs. But I gotta tell you that Eli's right. This unglamorous glove beats them ALL for silky smooth exfoliated skin.

After washing my hair I give myself a quick soap down (I understand you can use this without soap, but I just haven't felt like doing so), and scrubbed myself with the glove. Satisfying amounts of dead skins slough off, not unlike the Hammam and Gommage experience, and you're left with the smoothest glowiest skin ever.

I use this once or twice a week, always before shaving my legs as this will definitely prevent ingrown hairs and the like. The breakouts on my chest are gone as is my bacne.

Follow up with a moisturiser and your legs will be silky smooth for DAYS.

Also found at Daiso:
Man I love that place.


rinnah said...

Sounds good! I want! *makes a beeline for Daiso this weekend*

xin said...

gah i wanna go daiso!!! i want to get the mini-mini chest at the stationery section for my earrings!

Eli said...

That looks like an Italy glove all right. The Japanese upped it a notch!

I love unglamourous products which work. Isn't it fascinating to see all that dead skin coming off? I haven't been able to use this on my bacne though. Too painful.

And I love that little pocket mirror brush. Perfect for travel.

SerraQuaL said...

oooo.. the cute brush, the very same one from sephora! i have been eyeing that brush for a long time. thanks for sharing!

beetrice said...

dammit, now I HAVE to go get myself an Italy Towel from Daiso...Rinnah, I'll go with you! :p

plue said...

i bought mine just only. not bad for rm5 n very travel friendly too hehe.

renee said...

Wow the towel looking excellent and the brush looking so gorgeous. What a nice post.

Connie De Alwis said...

I want italy towel glove!!! will look for it tomorrow if I get the chance :p

Kahani said...

I swear sometimes Blogger hates me, have replied comments many times but it doesn't seem to publish. Sorry about that ladies!

I wonder if Daiso is prepared for the pack of girls headed their way... =P

Am still loving this glove, so glad I picked it up!

serra: Yups I've been eyeing the Sephora one myself but it's just so overpriced. This is lovely and sturdy and perfectly priced. =D

Syen said...

Man, it really looks like it here. SEA UUURCHIIIIIIN!!!!! =P

DiLina said...

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