August 18, 2010

Stuff I am Missing: Natures Organics Sorbolene Moisturiser

Some of you would have probably thought that I made a punctuation error and accidentally left out some apostrophes in "Natures Organics". But that is how the brand name is spelled and I have to figure out if it was done on purpose or by accident.

Incidentally, the first time my boyfriend saw it, he asked if I was sure that the brand is Australian and not Chinese.

Anyhow, this was my staple moisturiser throughout my uni days and now that I am back in Malaysia, boy oh boy, do I miss it. Cheap as chips and it really does a great job.

It was my mother's old teacher who recommended sorbolene lotion to me.

"The best advice I can give you is: use sunscreeen, don't forget to moisturise your neck and sorbolene is the best moisturiser you can get here."

The next day, I looked for the largest and cheapest bottle of sorbolene I could find and came with this moisturiser from Natures Organics. A pretty good bargain as you get 600ml for less that AUD $4 (I don't think the price has risen since I left). A large bottle last for about 6 months and although the lotion itself seems light, it sinks in quickly without any residue.

My girl friends who love scented products and pretty packaging didn't like this. The packaging screams no-frills practically and the lotion itself didn't look very impressive, neither did it have any scent. Come winter however, I was the only one walking around with unchapped hands and unscaly legs.

"What on earth are you using?" they asked.

I smiled the next time I went to the supermarket and found that they had run out of this moisturiser.

Other than a great moisturiser, sorbolene can be used for removing makeup, as a skin cleanser (have personally never tried this before) and as a hair conditioner in a pinch.

Now, isn't that great for less than AUD $4?


rinnah said...

We don't have this here in Malaysia do we? :( Has anyone seen sorbolene based moisturisers before?

~Lisa said...

I've never heard of Sorbolene before!! I wonder if these types of lotions are sold in Canada....?

anis-chan said...

hi..first time leaving comment here. but i do love u gals for coming up with great posts. two thumbs up!

i dont think we have any natures organics in malaysia but i currently use a sorbolene-based moisturizer from Redwin which i got from guardian, also an Australian product. hope it helps :)

beetrice said...

actually, Johnson & Johnsons has a sorbolene version of their moisturiser but it's hard to find. they're more available at hospital pharmacies though - i guess for patients' use?

Petra said...

You can use this as an alternative to wet wipes - mums on austerity drives buy sorbolene by the gallon to wipe their babes during nappy changes. So it's pretty tender :)

Tine said...

I've not tried this before, but yeah, sorbelene rocks. I started using unscented, no-frills body lotions a while ago, and you know what? I actually liked them more :P It's definitely much easier to wear perfumes with.

Eli said...

Rinnah: Ditto anis-chan's remark. Caring Pharmacy also sells Redwin Sorbolene moisturiser. It comes in a pretty big pump bottle. I tried it before in Australia but I found the Natures Organics version better. =P

~ Lisa: Ooh, I am afraid I can't help you there. Sorbolene is pretty much an Aussie thing. Try asking your local pharmacy?

Anis-chan: Thanks for the compliments! I noticed that M'sia finally brought in sorbolene lotions this year. Yay!

Beetrice: I should ask my hospital about it. Maybe they reserve it for babies.

Petra: Guess what I am getting for the next expectant mother in my office. *cackles*

Tine: I agree. The weird thing is, now that I am used to unscented lotions, scented moisturisers make me gag and run for the hills.