August 09, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits

Now you can get Carmex lipbalm in Malaysia via the Supermodel Secrets Blogshop. I've bought from them before and find the seller to be efficient, friendly and fast. They're flying it in from the US and so are selling the tubes at RM16 each plus Pos Ekspres.

Hehehe! FitFlop is fully aware that their shoes require great pedicures, and looking at my Red Hot Tamale toes I agree! So they've even come up with their own bottle of hot red nailpolish for GBP5. I gotta say though anything from Marcia Kilgore (founder of FitFlop, Bliss and Soap & Glory) has GOT to be good. Wants! (more Red Hot Tamale shots here, sorry I REALLY like this colour)

On purpose? Or a mistake? What do you think they were thinking when they made a lip stick shaped like a well.... penis?

Well colour me silly but I never actually put any thought into this. When the curling mascaras come with a curved wand, you apply the mascara with the curved part UP. I think I do this. Sometimes, but it was never a definite "Ah hah I know I'm right!" situation.


Anonymous said...

lol i thought the mascara wand thing is totally DUH!!!
but i do things that are completely silly sometimes too, so nevermind... :)

milktea said...

Carmex! At last!! Must check out the shop!