August 06, 2010

Autumn Love (& Lust) ~

Hello lovelies,

Another Friday. Another week gone by. Amazing isn't it? That autumn is just around the corner?

And boy am I excited. Why? Because the autumn/fall collections are already out in full force and some of them look absolutely love and lust-worthy. This time, the taupes, greys and the blues seem to be taking centre-stage.

I'm not usually big on blues, but the taupes and greys are really calling out to me. BIG TIME.

So have a look at some of the items I seem to find myself lusting after, starting with this one right here.

1. Urban Decay - The Naked Palette which consist of 12 shades in mostly browns and taupes, this palette just screams me. Can.Not. wait to get my hands on this one!

2. Lancome - The one thing that I can't stop looking at (surprise surprise) is the La Rose Deco blush. It's beautiful!

3. Guerlain - The item that I'm eyeing here is the eyeshadow palette in Place Vendome 2. J'adore!

4. NARS - Some love this collection, and some find it "meh". I lean towards the love category. I've already made a purchase of Rajasthan (along with Cordura and Dolce Vita blush, from their 2008 fall collection) which all look really beautiful. Don't believe me? Just look at Karla Sugar's gorgeous swatches here. Another item I'm really lemming from NARS is the Outlaw blush. It's not part of their fall collection, but isn't the colour just perfect for fall? How could I have not noticed it before?

5. theBalm - Hitting at precisely my soft spot again, is their latest offering - Mary-Lou Manizer - a lovely highlighter. This definitely looks like something I'll be checking out.

6. Christian Dior - The serum de rouge has been a great favourite within the beauty circles, and I spy here at Temptalia that there are new shades in this fall's collection. I'll be keeping my eyes out for this one.

7. Bobbi Brown - More of Kahani's lemming than mine, the Denim & Rose palette seems to have gotten Kahani going gaga. Just fyi, in Malaysia they only carry this in the freestanding stores. Yes, Kahani's stalked the counters.

What about you? Are you lusting over anything this fall?


~Lisa said...

I agree! I love the taupes and greys and browns!! The UD palette looks really attractive!!

Connie De Alwis said...

ahhh fall already! That UD palette is very interesting but I can't be having a palette with that many neutrals! Haven't been window shopping much lately so no lemmings yet!

Paris B said...

I have way too many wants! Fall this year is amazing :D And (no) thanks to you, Tzarine is on its way whee!!

plue said...

me wants the Lancome blush! the others, skip! :P

Syen said...

~Lisa: Oh yes, ain't it?

Connie: *tee hee* Start window shopping!

Paris: Yes it is ma'am! Just got an email from them saying they've shipped it! Wheee!

Plue: LOL. It's pwetty!

Sandy said...

The UD neutrals palate is AMAZING!! It was almost sold out yesterday at sephora already. Get shopping quick!!

Syen said...

Sandy: Oooh, thanks for the heads-up. Will be sure to try to get at it quick. Paaariiissss!!!! =P

beetrice said...

LOL I just got my hands on the Mary-Lou Manizer last week at the Sasa that it's in a nice big pan! :D

Syen said...

Bee: Oooh-yeee! (Starts thinking I can run to Sasa. LOL.) =P