August 24, 2010

Review + Rave: Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo & Conditioner

Sunsilk is really starting to grow on me.

Big time.

After my fruity indulgence, I turned my attention to their Hair Fall range instead, and I'm definitely loving it!


If you know me, you'll know how much I love to mix shampoos. Maybe not because I love to, but because previously my shampoos have needed mixing. Like Dove + Tresseme, for example, because one's too rich and the other's a super deep cleanser.

But as far as this shampoo is concerned, I think I've hit shampoo jackpot. Not too heavy, not too mild. Not too moisturising, not drying either. It's just wonderfully right for my hair. No mixing needed. Spot on.

Said to be "enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex, it cleanses weakened, easily-broken hair, while reinforcing hair from roots to tips". Sounds good, but honestly? I still have hair falling out after a shampoo, but that's uhh.. normal for me. So nope, I don't see any magic working here on this claim.

Usually, just one round of shampooing will suffice, but if my hair happens to uber greasy, just another lighter round of shampooing will do the trick. For non-squeaky clean hair.

I usually wash my hair on alternate days, but I have no doubt that this shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use as well.

Ingredients as listed below:


As for the conditioner, this is, without a doubt, in the lightweight category. Which also works great an as everyday conditioner. I don't need very much for my long hair, just a 20sen dollop will do to condition and detangle everything. It rinses out without a problem. And if you're the kind who shaves using conditioners, then this should work great for that purpose too. Especially since it won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Ingredients listed below:


This duo has become my go-to when I'm shampooing my hair now. And they both just work so great together. When I had first purchased it, I surprised even myself, when after a wash and air-drying, I found my hair to be really happy, bouncy, soft and shiny. It's kind of hard to be asking for more.

It was a "wow" moment. Really.

Scent-wise, it smells nice. Sorry, but I can't describe it further than this.


For a product that falls within the RM20 range per product (sorry, I can't remember exact price, but they're usually on sale anyway!), this works awesome. As it works so well for my hair, I may jolly well be repurchasing, but I might decide to try another range. Or not. Depending on what I feel like when this bottle runs out.

But for now, it's all love!

PS: The downside though, is that I recently read that Sunsilk does animal testing. BIG BOO, Sunsilk.


xin said...

my sis is a huge fan of sunsilk shampoo, the smooth and silky range. she has been using it for years. but somehow me and sunsilk just don't click, they gimme itchy scalp!

Jenn said...

Sunsilk works beautifully for my hair, but my scalp hates it! I get dandruff from their products! :(

~Lisa said...

I've never tried Sunsilk and I think I just might start to try them out!

Askmewhats said...

I have a couple of variants to try, I've used the orange one and it works really well and the scent is wonderful, but oh no on Animal testing! :(

hillary said...

i read ur review bout that dove hair fall therapy n this one..
so actually what product best for hair fall??
i mean from ur side of view..
thx..much appreciated..=D

Syen said...

hillary: Hi! Thanks for your comment. I didn't write the Dove review on the hairfall range, that was Kahani, but I have used it before as well. For me, I honestly don't see either shampoo helping much with controlling hairfall. But with that said, I prefer Sunsilk as I find the consistency just right for my hair. Dove tends to be a little too heavy. Hope this helped!

tonia said...

great post! like you, i also love the sunsilk hair fall solution shampoo and conditioner! aside from it actually working, i super love the smell! :)

Anonymous said...

Sunsilk hair fall solution is awsm, before i had rough hair,bt now my hair is silky and i have less hair fall,,though i have a dandruf prb which no shampoo is able to cure,not even the doctors,bt apart from this,this product is awsm!!

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