February 27, 2009

Review: Tresemme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo

I remember some time back, there were these ads all over the telly on this new brand of hair products called Tresemme. This was waaaay before I had even met Kahani and yet I remember going, "I wanna try that.."

So to cut a long story short, I did end up buying a 500ml bottle of that Deep Cleansing Shampoo. And what started out as a mere "wanna try" has climbed up all the way to Holy Grail (HG) status, as far as deep cleansing shampoos are concerned.

Why haven't I reviewed this earlier? I have no idea... so read on to find out why I love it so much.

So anyway, a couple of years and about three (or four) bottles later, I'm still sticking with this shampoo. Why? Because it does what it says it'll do. It cleanses, it smells pretty good (despite the fact it's supposed to be citrusy), and it's cheap. What's not to love?

A little word of warning though. When I say it cleanses, it REALLY cleanses. So I'd stick to using this only for that weekly or fortnightly deep-cleansing session if I were you. It says "Gentle enough for every day use", but not on me, no thank you.

But how I actually like to use it is to mix it with another shampoo. If I feel my scalp's a little oilier than usual, or if I feel my hair could use a little lift, what I do is I mix my Tresemme with, say, my Dove Daily Care shampoo. That way, I don't feel it drying out my hair, and I get the deep-cleansing action too. No idea if I'm the only who uses it this way, but it works for me. To each her own, right?

And then I'd proceed to give my locks a little bit of love from John Frieda. And my hair will be right bouncy clean and lovely. It seems to add just a wee bit of volume too, since my hair is no longer weighed down with all that gunk.

Now you might ask, Why the need to deep-cleanse?

Well, although I don't put a million products in my hair, the Dove shampoo, plus the conditioner, the occasional mask, the Frederic Fekkai, PLUS the lovely Malaysian humidity, can cause quite a bit of gunk to sit on your scalp. Unlike a normal shampoo, which might function to moisturise etc, a deep-cleansing shampoo works by removing all that product build-up. And this one definitely does that.

So there you go. A nice clean scalp so you can start applying your hair products all over again.

Yes, because we women are complicated like that.

I've tried one or two other deep-cleansing shampoos, but they didn't quite make the mark. Call me shallow, but there's something terribly unsettling about bright green opaque shampoos. (The Swamp Thing, anyone?) I'll take my translucent Tresemme any day. So until I find something better, this shampoo HG by me.

Seriously, for about RM14 a bottle, what's not to love?


MisSmall said...

I have really oily scalp and really dry hair. Can't win, can I? "/

Askmewhats said...

wow thanks for sharing, I've heard so many raves about this, I have to look for this! :) If not, wait till I go to Malaysia to buy this..!

LyNn said...

i've been using their conditioners and it's great. was planning to review it but its not the time yet for me thou.
im using salon silk :)

Paris B said...

The biggest reason for me not to love Tresemme is that they gave me the biggest cystic acne EVER! Lovely soft hair vs crappy skin - can't win em all ... :)

beetrice said...

I have the same problem paris had with Tresemme - it made my skin break out all the way down the side of my face (even if my hair did look gorgeous)...learnt my lesson the hard way - I'm sticking to my Sunsilk! LOL...

prettybeautiful said...

i also had the same prob as parisb and bee. i had major break out! and even my scalp was angry at me, it was flaking and itchiness was hell. so, this brand is a definitely no no to me

心。葵 @ plue said...

i dislike tresemme. i had the one for moisturizing, shampoo + conditioner. damn drying! my hair felt so scrunchy and weird! i never use it anymore! but i need a deep cleansing one, wonder if this will work...

i'm having dandruff even though i just wash my hair! dead!

Tine said...

'Tis too bad this doesn't work for me, 'cos it really stripped the moisture off my hair. Gave me that squeaky clean feeling that I don't like :(

Again, too bad, 'cos it's a lot cheaper per ml here. Sigh :(

Syen said...

Helloo ladies! =)

MisSmall: Really oily scalp and really dry hair, oh dear. Try shampooing the roots and not the hair? And conditioner! For ends only, of course. Anyway, how do you tackle that issue?

Nikki: Heya babes. I only like the shampoo but not the conditioner. I think other brands have better conditioners so I've packed mine off to Kahani who wants to try it for the conditioner-only-cleansing method. =P Hope you find it! And if you're coming to Msia you BETTER let us know!

LyNn: Ooh, glad to know you like their conditioners because it wasn't really my thing. Felt it had too much silicone. To each her own! =)

Paris: Oh dear. Guess that's a BIG no no then. But I've always loved your hair. It suits you really well. =)

Bee: Ouch! I guess Tresemme isn't for everyone huh? You girls all are making me itch to try out Sunsilk. Hmmm...

prettybeautiful: Oh oh. Sounds like a definite no no. =(

Plue: Even for this shampoo, I would find it a little drying if I use it too often or on its own. Which is why I only use it for the periodic deep-cleasing.

Tine: You and Bee making me wanna try Sunsilk, you know that? =P

petra said...

woman you are a genius. i love dove but they leave my head oily. tresemme is nice but my tresses get to try. why did i not think of mixing?

i actually screamed the flat down when i returned from my south island of nz travels and found out i left my brand new, HUGE bottles of tresemme (shampoo and conditioner) at the backpackers.

AS well as my eucerin cleansers.


Syen said...

Petra: LOL. Because such thoughts usually occur to the more makeup insane? =P

OH NO!!!! Argh, I hate it when that happens too. My recent Oz trip saw me leaving hangars and my FAVE towel behind. *screams along*

josarine said...

Have you tried the Bonacure deep cleansing?