September 15, 2010

Application Tips: It's all in the Fingers

No makeup brushes? Fret not, just make use of your fingers. I came across this delightful guide in a magazine recently. I thought it was a great guide for people on the go who can't be bothered to carry a bunch of brushes around (like me).

Now, if only I can remember which mag it was...

Use your thumbs for blending out the edges of your foundation under your chin.

The index and middle fingers are useful for applying creams and for blending out liquid foundation as well as cream blushes.

Don't just use your middle finger to flip off people while driving (road rage, anyone?). Try using it to pat on and blend in concealer.

As we all know, the fourth finger has the lightest touch and puts the least pressure on our skin compared to the rest of our fingers. Reserve this finger for the eye area -- for applying creams and blending under-eye concealer.

Keep your pinkies for your lips. They are just the right size for applying all those lip balms and glosses in a pinch.

In case any of you are wondering about which finger to use for eyeshadow application, there is no hard and fast rule there. I personally prefer using my middle finger to give a light wash of colour and my fourth finger to blend it all in.

Like brushes, don't forget to wash your fingers after use.

I hope this helps!


Amy said...

I always use my fingers for putting on my makeup, apart from my bronzers, powdered blushers and highlighters.
I just don't think that brushes are good for putting on my foundation at all and I find it easier to do my eyes with my fingers

Askmewhats said...

Agree with all your wonderful tips! How useful our hands and fingers even on makeup application! :) Love it!

The Teenage Reviewer said...

Oh I remember the magazine! It's September's issue of Seventeen! =P Happened to drop by popular to check it out today ^^