September 16, 2010

Soap & Glory Glad Pits Spray on Deodorant

Finally, a deo that both smells great and works great. Some of you know just how much I adore Soap & Glory scents and this deo doesn't disappoint! It's anti-prespirant, feels comfortable after spritzing, doesn't cause breakouts and smells just like the body spray. 

It even looks adorable and has an equally adorable name. "Glad Pits" tee hee!
Now if only it was available HERE darnnit!
I had to get a friend travelling to Malaysia from the UK to pick it up for me. It's still not my daily deodorant and I prefer Rexona Dry Stick for that but this baby has found its place in my beauty routine!
At the end of a long day, Rexona doesn't always quite.. *ahem* ... hold up. But a quick spritz of this and my arm pits feel dry and comfy again. Plus, the fragrance blends well with my going-out scent, Philosophy's Amazing Grace. I even like it as a fragrance on its own! Perfect for those quick fresher uppers before hitting the town. 

At GBP4 it certainly won't break the bank. Now, S&G when are you lovely ladies going to launch your line HERE??  

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kuri said...

Argh, unavailable but it sounds great! I hope Soap & Glory comes to Tokyo soon.